Reviews by nikkimckelvy

Mary le Chef - Cooking Passion Platinum Edition


The game crashes every level. I've played it 3 times, and it has crashed every time without finishing the level. I don't recommend it until they get this bug fixed. I'm not sure if it's GameHouse or iWin (both of which I love), but not this time.

by nikkimckelvy, United States - May 10th 2024

New Yankee 12: Karma Tales Collector's Edition

Not a bad addition to the franchise.

The franchise tends to be fun and addicting. It does have one major issue in that it runs choppily on my mac, but my computer is old. The game is bright and addicting, and the storyline is interesting if a little out there. I would recommend this game.

by nikkimckelvy, United States - May 2nd 2023

Rescue Team 11: Planet Savers

Fun but a little boring

The last two Rescue games have not been challenging enough, not even on the hard level. Other than that, the game is fun. The player is still left wanting more levels, and enjoying every second. The characterization is good, and I like that the game is tackling issues like climate change. I purchased the collectors edition. Additionally, the bugs that # 10 had on a Mac are fixed here.

by nikkimckelvy, United States - Jan 19th 2021

Virtual Villagers Origins 2

Serious bug on the 20 day mark makes the game unplayable

I enjoy the VV series, and I have played and beaten alll of them. When this version came out, I was very excited. It's a good version. It has a bunch of the good things from the previous VV's. You select the villagers to start. The combinations too tedious, and the ones that work take too long a time. Ten minutes tops for all combinations would have been better. The biggest problem is that the game is unplayable on day 20. If you open the crate, the special reward causes the machine to freeze up after the box grows on the mosoleum. Until that bug is fixed, I don't recommend buying the game.

by nikkimckelvy, Republic of Korea - May 14th 2020

Picross Fairytale: Legend of the Mermaid

Too many flaws in the game.

Level 4-1 has a flaw in the game. Other than that, ti's good, but you can't finish the game after 4-1 due to the flaw. I like that it lets you make mistakes, but I don't like that you can't ever reset the individual blocks in the game. After marked, it is either yes or no when a return to neutral is needed.

by nikkimckelvy, Republic of Korea - Mar 23rd 2020

Youda Jewel Shop

Very fun game

I bought this game years ago, and it's super addicting. I keep promising myself I will just play one level, and the next thing I know it's four hours later, and I can't stop. Unfortunately I cannot play it on my current computer, and I want the deveopers to make a sequel!!!!!

by nikkimckelvy, Republic of Korea - Dec 28th 2019

The Great Empire: Relic of Egypt

Way too many flaws in the game.

Normally I don't like to post reviews like this. I try to give good and bad, but I cannot even get past one level after completing all of the requirements, and this is not the first time this happened. There are levels that, even after all the requiremts are complete, the game says it isn't. You have to re-start your computer before it will register that the levels were done correctly. I like time managment games, but I don't recommend this one. There are serious bugs.

by nikkimckelvy, Republic of Korea - Jul 24th 2019

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