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This game is a front-scroller on rails, la Crash Bandicoot. The character follows a curved path, rather than a straight one, which might be perceived as side-scrolling, but it's not. I find the gameplay to be just about right for this type of gamelots of jumping and smashing, spinning and rollng. It's a kid's game!

The graphics look really nice on a G5 Dualcore with the GEForce 6600. The company was very responsive to users' outcry for gamepad support, publishing a new patch only a couple weeks after the first demo was out. I do have to agree with MasterK on one point, however: Armado's "reflexes" are really slow, on a very speedy Mac. It sometimes takes 7 or 8 "spinning jumps" to kill a red ant, and there are times when it's just about impossible to dodge the boulders. I don't know if it's sloppy coding or what, but I never have such problems getting my character to react in Doom 3...Overall, a real good game for Mac kids, something we could use a lot more of!

by Gary Montcalm, USA - Jan 25th 2007
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