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Europa Universalis IV: Golden Century Icon
Good If you want to expand your play through for certain nations
by Xirtam, USA - Dec 11th 2018

Golden Century DLC adds new options and features for most of the Iberian and North African Nations in the game as well as pirate nations. The Mission Trees, Governments, and Events add a nice flare and dept to the nations that are highlighted in the DLC. If you are not interested in the nations outlined then most of the other general features are nice but added in the free update to the base game. Like other "Immersion Packs" this DLC was very targeted, so if the features outlined are not something interested in, you can skip.

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Crusader Kings II: Horse Lords Icon
More depth
by Xirtam, USA - Sep 5th 2015

Adds more depth to trade, by allowing non merchant governments to use trade routes. also expands on horde nations.

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