Reviews by iceprincess0966

Hidden Secrets: The Nightmare

A Nightmare to play

The game has crashed at least 5 times now with a weird error message when I try to restart. I've never had a game crash before.

I'm so annoyed by the mini games sucking up my time so that I have to do the level all over again if it takes too long to figure out what the heck I'm supposed to do. I've spent so much time cursing, I forgot that games are supposed to be fun.

This is the most awful game I've ever played, and I've played a lot. The only thing keeping me going right now is wanting to see if my theory is right about what happened. Like watching a bad movie to the end... the sad part is this will probably take much longer than a movie.

by iceprincess0966, USA - Jan 7th 2009
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Deep Blue Sea

Wonderful in every way

The only bad thing I can say is that I spent far too many hours playing this instead of working! I got tired at the end, but only because I'd been playing for so many hours my clicking finger was numb.

The music is amazing. The accompanying "story" graphics are not so great but the actual game graphics are incredible and some of the animals are oh so cute. The story behind it is pretty interesting, but the game would still be fun without it.

Spoiler alert? There is such great satisfaction in making a move that breaks a chain and sends things popping and spilling all over. It's great stress relief.

by iceprincess0966, USA - Jan 7th 2009
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Scrabble Classic

Great Until you play master

Agreeing with one of the other posters, I've found that you are definitely not playing a fari game when you get up to the higher levels.

I started at Intermediate and worked my way up, trying to find the perfect computer opponent. Elite was close, but I was beating him (her?) too often and wanted to really challenge my brain, memory, math skills.

Wow, I didn't realize that being a Master at Scrabble meant that you drew all the best letters every time, using all your tiles on nearly every turn. Meanwhile, I get EEEIIUC to work with.

To test my theory that the Master cheats, I tried a little experiment where I would click the "Best Play" button every time. So I was supposedly getting the same computer brain advantage that he has. But he still beat me by at least 100 points most of the time.

I'm still playing the master, because I like a challenge, and it feels really REALLY good when I beat him once every 10 games.

by iceprincess0966, USA - Nov 4th 2007
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