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Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Scandinavia


The best expansion Pack for euro truck simulator 2 yet, the detail the SCS guys put in for this DLC is unbeliveable. You can really tell they did some extensive research of the different places, because some of the areas in this game are more or less exactly how they look like in real life!

If you liked the base game, you will love this expansion!

by Ishee, Germany - Nov 29th 2015
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Broforce plays like Contra on steroids! It is a 2D Run and Gun game where you are tasked with bringing freedom to the entire world. At least that is what they claim we are doing, as we blow enemy hideouts to smithereens and fly off into the sunset. Controls are tight and feel just right. The game has tons of unlockable characters, each with unique abilities; all based on iconic action heroes. The ability to play 4 players simultaneously, local or online, is just the icing on the cake.

by Ishee, Germany - Nov 28th 2015
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Rising World

The better minecraft?

The game is a nice crafting/building game with some minor survival elements. It is definitely a nice change of pace from some of the KOS/Hack-filled survival games out there. Imho it is truly been a breath of fresh air for the genre and I have enjoyed playing it.

The game is still in early access but i can say that this is one of the better EA games i invested my money in. The developers are very commited to their project and you see alot of updates for the game and im quite excited for the all the potential there is in this game for future updates

by Ishee, Germany - Nov 18th 2015
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Shoppe Keep

A lot of potential

This game is still early access (as of this writing), but already has enough content to keep you entertained, especially for this pricetag it is a bargain. The concept of the game is to run a shop to earn tons of money, then spend that money to upgrade your shop. I personally love the idea of walking around my own shop, watching people come in to buy things, and being able to place my items wherever I want.
The game isn't too complex as of yet, but the dev. seems to have grand ideas and I look forward to seeing them implemented.

by Ishee, Germany - Nov 4th 2015
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Jagged Alliance: Flashback

Sadly the developer didn't deliver

As the development of this title came to an end, not too long after the game's release, I cannot seriously recommend this game to anyone, not even hardcore JA fans or enthusiasts of the genre. Because we are now stuck with a half-finished game lacking alot of features, you are better off playing the original one with 1.13 patch.

by Ishee, Germany - Jul 23rd 2015
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