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Driver San Francisco Deluxe Edition Icon
Just great fun
by Christian Knoflach, Austria - Mar 27th 2015

This is a great new edition in the Driver series. The charming aspect always has been the mix of open world and storyline – San Francisco seems to come in closer to a storyline-thing. Due to the Bird's eye view you really don't find yourself roaming about town as much as you would in earlier titles of the series.

But that doesn't cut away on the fun at all. It's a very well balanced game and makes for hours of great gameplay. After all, it's about racing through heavy traffic in all kinds of sport cars to haul trucks – what's not to like?

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Commander: Conquest of the Americas Icon
by Christian Knoflach, Austria - Mar 27th 2015

As a big fan of the whole exploration saga („Exploration", „Colonization", …) this game comes in as the newest take.

It's great to play and the way cities develop with their „circle of influence" is a great take. The earlier stages of the game are quite amazing and fun!

There's three things that make the game quite cumbersome later on, so if you're into the deeper aspects and late-game stuff, maybe this game isn't for you:
- Developing your cities gets very repetitive as your only option is the building queue.
- The hard predefinition of available city lots feels very restrictive quite soon
- Trade routes and fleet management get very cumbersome to manage later in the game

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Omerta: City of Gangsters Icon
Fun niche title without much competition
by Christian Knoflach, Austria - Mar 27th 2015

First off: If you're at all into the theme of the good ol' gangster time, this game is definitely fun to play. It's a a nice take on the Gangsters approach and is good fun. At first glance, and for the first couple hours, the game is great fun.

Unfortunately it lacks depth later on – you find yourself just „tagging along" the storyline and basically just waiting until you're ready to click the next building so you can get into the next in-house-fight.

The fights are quite well done and entertaining.

There's a lot of potential and I am looking forward to a sequel with more depth: More freedom of choice & more options on the city level, with a bit more depth in your gangster's progression (e.g. RPG-elements).

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Door Kickers Icon
Just: Wow!
by Christian Knoflach, Austria - Mar 27th 2015

I can't get enough of this title. It's an amazing combination of a fun core mechanic that is done amazingly well with various levels of depth added in the mix to keep things interesting for a long, long time.

There's only one really tiny little thing that seems a bit out of balance: Out of the classes available, it seems pretty clear that the Stealth-Class is by far the strongest.

Still, play. This. Game.

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Europa Universalis IV Icon
What the heck?
by Christian Knoflach, Austria - Mar 27th 2015

I'm a big fan of strategy games and simulations, and have quite some experience in them. But with Europa Universalis I feel you don't have much of a chance to get on board if you haven't played earlier versions.

It seems to be a great game with endless depth, yet that depth is not structured in a way that you can work your way from the big to the small. Instead, you're facing a mostly text-based UI with endless menus and icons that provide only the most detailed aspects all at a glance – it was impossible for me to get an idea what exactly I should be doing and where I could, even though playing through the tutorials.

I'm not saying this is a bad game, I'm saying that you'll have a hard time to find out if it is.

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Antisquad Icon
AMAZING atmosphere, very slow gameplay
by Christian Knoflach, Austria - Mar 24th 2015

Antisquad hits a great sweet spot in atmosphere: It's a tactical, round based shooter with very well balanced RPG elements and great progression with a PERFECT mix of comical fun and serious gameplay. It's offered hours of fun and giggles.

Unfortunately, the round-based combat seems a little unfinished – it feels „slow", as in taking very long. As this is the core of the game, it cuts away two of five stars for me. If, however, there comes a sequel to this that tackles that issue, I'll be first in line to buy.

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