Reviews by KMcKay

Island Tribe 4

Loved this game, please turn into 64-bit!!

I owned this game and loved playing it, even creating different users so I could replay and try to beat my previous scores. I was so disappointed when I got a new laptop and could no longer play this game because it is not compatible with macOS Catalina. Developers, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update legacy games like this, your fans would greatly appreciate it.

by KMcKay, United States - May 21st 2020
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Rescue Team 9: Evil Genius Collector’s Edition

Heavier on Storyline than Game

I have been a big fan of the Rescue Team series and I was really excited to purchase the Collectors Editiion of this game. While playing on Expert, I found the levels to be relatively easy to get gold/3 coins from. If you have excelled at the previous Rescue Team games, you won't find these levels challenging.

The story line appeared to be more well thought out than previous games, but I will admit I'm not one for the story, I go straight to the gaming.

This game was kind of a miss for me and I wouldn't necessarily recommend it to others. I give it three stars because I do really like this series and hope they will incorporate more difficulty into the levels moving forward.

by KMcKay, United States - May 20th 2020
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