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Expectations too high?

Maybe I just didn't get it - I'll admit that.

But the play seemed wooden, the waiting for minutes to be able to move a character a few paces, the inability to equip items (until later?) ~ I quit the demo after 10 minutes. Maybe it becomes thrilling after that and I'm missing out. Or I just saved $19.95.

Also, the grammar bothered me. "You got 199 gold" just irks me. The verb is "have" or even "earned". I think there were some "your" instead of "you're" mistakes as well. It just points to carelessness - it makes me think that if you don't have time (or staff, or an intern, or a friend, or a friend's cousin, &c. ...) to proof-read such things, were you really careful with all the coding?

It seems a nice enough little game though. I wouldn't automatically discourage people from buying it, but I think it definitely warrants the free demo.

by Mary Claire Amann, USA - May 10th 2009
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