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The Silent Age Icon
Very competent point and click game
by lconanl, Romania - Jul 22nd 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed this point and click adventure. It tells the story of Joe, a janitor for a rather sinister research corporation (Are there any other kind?) who manages to get himself embroiled in a convoluted plot that could destroy the world. The game uses an intersting time twisting mechanic and you will be flicking backwards and forwards from the games present, 1972, to 2012 in order to solve the puzzles, its done really quite well but dont expect anything as convoluted as Day of the Tentacle. I was actually surprised with the plot as more than once when I thought I had everything worked out the game would throw a curve ball. Very recommended, it's not a long game but, as most times, quality matters over quantity.

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Soulless: Ray Of Hope Icon
Not just a Limbo clone
by lconanl, Romania - Jul 22nd 2017

I bought this game after seeing it looked like Limbo but the main character had a cool flying mechanic. After a short time in the game our hero loses his wings. This made me a little sad for him but also now I didn't get to fly about like I'd hoped!
The way in which the camera follows Elin (that's his name!) about whilst flying is far from ideal. Most of the time you can't see where you're flying to vertically meaning having to just have faith, sometimes this means being impaled by deadly spikes. Sorry Elin....
The game is pretty short and the puzzles are pitched at an enjoyable level. Two of the achievements can possibly add longevity to the game : Complete the game in one sitting and Complete the game without dying. I do enjoy these type of achievements, so may very well attempt them which will add more game-time to the current two hours it takes to complete.
The prgramming just about does its job, but it doesn't feel at all solid. I'm not sure some people would have an issue with this aspect but it's one of the things that bugs me and Unity is especially guilty of producing games with this feeling.
The overall design is a little odd and feels a bit like ideas have simply been bodged together. A boss half-way through the game, no boss at end but some seemingly moralistic questions that alter the achievement you get instead? Although they have managed to pace the stages out well so that none of the ideas become stale and this is probably most important.

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Cognition Game of the Year Edition Icon
Proof that good adventure games aren't gone
by lconanl, Romania - Jul 22nd 2017

Cognition is an adult graphic adventure about loss, revenge and fate.
Story is really well done and progresses nicely without feeling forced, most puzzles are logical, all characters are complex and have motivations that you can understand, this is helped by the great voice acting.
The game has a supernatural twist, but it doesn't feel cheesy and works well in the game for the most part, allowing for some very interesting mechanics. DIfficulty is well balanced except for a couple of puzzles that might require some effort, but everything is feasible and can be deducted logically, no need for weird guessings. There are a few moments where you can actually die, but it's not frustrating since the game allows for fast retrying.
All 4 episodes are quite good, but the third one is weaker because it focuses on a single location, although it's needed to move the plot further and get ready for the final of the game, so it can be forgiven and it's not bad anyway, just not as good as the other 3 episodes.
The game has a few technical bugs, like the character moving through objects, but none are gamebreaking, just a few little annoyances.
Overall I greatly enjoyed the game and highly recommend it to anyone looking for an adult graphic adventure with an interesting plot.

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Evoland Icon
A nice tribute
by lconanl, Romania - Jul 22nd 2017

Evoland is a charming tribute to the history of RPGs. Obviously influenced by The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Diablo, there's a lot to love in this indie gem. You'll traverse the annals of video game history as you move from early 8-bit games through 16-bit and 3D, gaining little bonuses along the way that poke fun at RPG stereotypes. I smiled on more than one occasion at the humor in the game, and I was always looking forward to the next technological progression of my character.
In a way, Evoland presents as a haphazard combination of themes. On the one hand, you have the excellent unlockable tributes to video game history. You unlock the ability to enter houses, you gain the ability to fight, and you'll be able to fight random enemies. All good, and all evenly and comically presented. However, the game eventually becomes a casual RPG with a light story that features frequent testaments to the major moments in RPG classics. While it is a little jarring to have your little world suddenly begin to be fleshed out, it makes sense mechanically and keeps the game moving.
As you journey on through this adventure, you'll play a collectible card game, solve Zelda-style puzzles, find optional collectible items, and enjoy many different modes of play. Evoland is something special, and anyone who looks upon the roots of RPGs fondly will enjoy this nostalgic love letter.

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Californium Icon
Not very remarkable, but still good
by lconanl, Romania - Jul 22nd 2017

This is not a game for everyone, but I liked it. If you go for an odd/weird story that might not make sense, and explore unusual colorful environments, give this a go. It's more of an experience game, but it is a game. You must explore, find, and advance the story mechanics, and the narration is well done. I loved the visuals and being a visitor in the weird world. The themes of authoritarianism and humanity were well developed.
I had to consult a guide a couple times, so thanks for that I didn't get stuck. The only real con I had for the game is sometimes it was hard to locate the proper alignment to create the visuals to advance the story.
I enjoyed it.

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Out There: Omega Edition Icon
An interesting mixed bag
by lconanl, Romania - Jul 22nd 2017

Ever wonder what a crippling sense of hopelessness in the middle of nowhere, where any decison you make could potentially be as much of a boon as it could a crushing blow to your already dwindling chances of survival? Or maybe truely feeling alone; the last of your kind, stranded out in an unforgiving and uncaring universe? Ever wonder what it's like to be... Out There?
This game is best played in a dark, quiet, secluded space. The art in phenominal, and though it still does kind of feel like a mobile game, the changes they made to "Out There: Ω Edition" are enough to give it an entirely different experience... as if every time you start a new game it isn't already entirely different.

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Dead In Bermuda Icon
Yet another game I have mixed feelings for
by lconanl, Romania - Jul 22nd 2017

This game is pretty fun and makes good use of RPG and survival elements. The RPG aspect allows you to level up your survivors and shape them up to cover up their weaknesses or augment their strengths. The survival management gives you the tough choices of whether you should feed one person over another or scavenge for supplies or get them to explore a new location possibly yielding more bounty or nothing at all. All of this while managing the hunger, depression, injury and even relationships of all 8 of your survivors.
One of the game's few flaws is that it is fairly easy and you will probably beat it after your first or second playthrough. You will find that relationships are random and whether or not it increases or decreases when they work together is up to RNG. Replayability is somewhat there with them being assigned different traits and locations on the island with each playthrough, however you will end up using them the same way as you did before because they all begin with the same stats as before.
Given that for 10+ hours I couldn't stop playing this game. This game receives a positive rating. Just don't go in thinking that this game can be played for hours upon hours on end.

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realMyst: Masterpiece Edition Icon
A great classic brought back to life
by lconanl, Romania - Jul 22nd 2017

A beautiful recreation of a timeless classic, realMyst: Masterpiece Edition brings a piece of gaming history to modern times. While the graphics and sounds are completely revamped to match modern-day standards, the gameplay stays true to its original and does not fail to deliver the nostalgic Myst-feeling.
It is, admittingly, a rather peculiar game, a slow paced and thoughtful puzzler in a surrealistic setting. Its puzzles can be overwhelming at times, especially for those unfamiliar with the genre, but they always have a logical (sometimes surprisingly straightforward) solution that makes you feel really smart if you solve them on your own. But even for those non-hardcore adventure gamers among you, the game offers a built in (optional) hint system that gives you little advices without spoiling too much.
There are only few negative points that should be mentioned; The controls and movement feel a bit wonky at times and you might occasionally get stuck on objects on the ground (nothing game-breaking though), however Cyan is working on a fix for that at the point of this review. The in-game cinematics still have the low resolution from previous renditions of Myst, which seems a bit out of place considering the otherwise beautiful graphics. And the missing inventory (you can only pick up and carry one item at a time) is a rather annoying remnant from the original Myst game, often requiring an unnecessary amount of backtracking.
In summary, realMyst: Masterpiece Edition is a game that wants you to immerse yourself, absorb the scenery and use your logical thinking. If you are a fan of the Myst series to begin with, this is almost a must-have, but any other adventure fan might take a look at this as well, to get a chance to enjoy a game that wrote history in a new and stunning visual design.

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Tales of Monkey Island Complete Pack Icon
A good continuation of the old titles
by lconanl, Romania - Jul 22nd 2017

This game is a new edition to the Monkey Island series, but not a direct sequel to Escape from Monkey Island (the 4th game in the series). Don't expect amazing graphics, but I will say that they still stand out nicely because they have a nice bright hand-done feel. The dialogue and jokes stand true to the originals, as well as the voices. Guybrush's voice hasn't changed, and Murray's as well hasn't changed. However Elaine's and LeChuck's characters seem slightly mellowed down in this new edition.

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