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Morbid extravaganza
by vstekk, Czech Republic - Sep 29th 2015

I have this game for at least a year now and it is my go to stress relief. Hard day? Just chop some heads off. Now i picked it here for my friend in a great discount, so we can play together. Fun multiplies.

Solid first person hack and slash. There is currently no better game for first person fencing.
A lot of different weapons, that greatly affect your gameplay.
Game does not have matchmaking - only server list, but there is a lot of official and community servers, also with a lot of newbie servers. Only problem is when you met an Australian lagger on UK server.
Solid graphics with funny dismemberment mechanics.
Hedas rolling down the hill.
Warhammer multikills.
Pinning people to walls with ballistas.
Press "C" to shout.

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