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Rescue Team: Danger from Outer Space Collector's Edition

Very Similar to Evil Genius (RT9)

Whereas past Rescue Team versions have introduced newer concepts, this one really didn't grow much from Rescue Team 9: Evil Genius. They look similar, there are the same power ups, and very similar storylines. It kind of felt like I was playing an expansion on Evil Genius, which I wasn't a fan of in the first place. The graphics are wonderful (the pandas in particular are a favorite), but I don't buy a game for that sole reason. I am prioritizing how challenging and exciting I find the levels, which is why this is two stars for me.

I'm starting to lose hope on Alawar and the Rescue Team series, which is so sad because it really has evolved over the years.

by KMcKay, United States - Jul 25th 2020
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