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Toby: The Secret Mine

Good Limbo like game that could be better with a little more effort

The graphics, music and sounds together make an immersive atmosphere, the game mechanics are OK as Toby has learnt a lot from its role model. The problem is that intuitiveness of puzzles was rather replaced by trial and error style and the level design relies more on finding secret places than on logical thinking. Good system of checkpoints and non-problematic control save the game from being frustrating. You will be driven by curiosity what comes next just not so much as when playing Limbo.

- Graphics, music and sounds
- Good systems of checkpoints
- Challenging but not frustrating
- Easy to learn

- Trial and error approach
- Focus on finding secrets instead of logical thinking
- Not very intuitive puzzles sometimes

I am giving this atmospheric platformer 3 stars out of 5.

My Video Review can be found here:

by Boris P.3, Czech Republic - Nov 10th 2019
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