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A wonderful story experience!
by Tana Pigeon, USA - Jun 2nd 2018

I have only played one other Telltale game, The Walking Dead. As much as I enjoyed that, The Wolf Among Us is a leap forward from TWD in my opinion. In every respect, Telltalle has raised the bar with Wolf: the story is gripping and makes sense, the options are numerous and matter, and there are very few places where you feel stuck because you're not making the right choice.

This last point is important for me. As much as I liked The Walking Dead, too often the game felt less like an immersive, interactive story, and more like a series of puzzles to solve. You can get stuck in a scene until you did the right things, and that ruined the feeling of being inside a story to me.

With Wolf, there may be a "correct" way to play out a scene, but if you do it the wrong way the story will still move forward without skipping a beat. This should satisfy both the puzzle fiends out there and the story fanatics at the same time.

The visuals are also a leap forward from TWD. Fabletown is just gorgeous, with beautifully constructed scenery in the typical Telltale fashion but with more care, in my opinion.

I can only judge Telltale Games based of TWD and Wolf, but since these two games seem to get the most acclaim I'm going to make the judgement that they have made a big step forward in their game-making process with Wolf. This game has made me a big fan of Telltale in a way that TWD did not, and if their future games maintain the same level of quality and style as Wolf does, I will buy everything they make from here on out.

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