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Anche in italiano - Impegno e professionalità
by Roberto Guarchi, Italy - May 24th 2019

Da Specialbit Studio un buon gioco i cui punti di forza sono le belle immagini e una trama coinvolgente anche se "classica" (un figlio che deve salvare i genitori perduti). Di un certo interesse il meccanismo della "stanza chiusa" da cui si deve uscire con gli oggetti disponibili sulla scena, che viene proposto più volte. Non ci sono scene con oggetti nascosti, mentre i mini-giochi sono presenti in modo non eccessivo e soltanto verso il finale si fanno particolarmente complessi. Buona la mappa. Peccato che l'attenzione richiesta per la ricerca degli oggetti trasformabili distragga un po' dall'azione complessiva. E' presente anche una "partita extra" ben realizzata ambientata nelle stesse scene del gioco principale (però 17 anni prima...) ed i traguardi da raggiungere sono (giustamente, a mio parere) pochi. Buone la traduzione in italiano e le musiche. A Specialbit Studio, che si definisce un "piccolo studio indipendente ucraino", vanno riconosciuti l'impegno e la professionalità dimostrati con questo game, che fanno ben sperare per il futuro. Quattro stelle e l'invito ad acquistarlo.

[From Specialbit Studio a good game whose strengths are the beautiful images and an engaging though "classic" storyline (a child who must save lost parents). The mechanism of the "closed room" from which one has to go out with the objects available on the scene, which is proposed several times, is of some interest. There are no scenes with hidden objects, while the mini-games are present not excessively and only towards the end they become particularly complex. Good map. It is a pity that the attention required for the search for transformable objects is a little distracting from the overall action. There is also a well crafted "extra game" set in the same scenes as the main game (though 17 years earlier ...) and the goals to be achieved are (rightly, in my opinion) few. Good translation in Italian and music. At Specialbit Studio, which defines itself as a "small independent Ukrainian studio", the commitment and professionalism shown in this game must be recognized, which bode well for the future. Four stars and the invitation to buy it.]

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Anche in italiano - Storia lineare, e qualche elemento originale
by Roberto Guarchi, Italy - May 24th 2019

Si tratta di un gioco con una storia lineare, musiche passabili (con una bella canzone nel finale della storia principale), immagini ben realizzate, un po' di sana ironia sulle azioni che dobbiamo compiere... e qualche elemento originale che ne fanno un game da giocare. Spicca piacevolmente su tutto la presenza del piccolo gatto che ci aiuterà nei passaggi cruciali ed è realizzato con una particolare cura tecnica e grafica. Buone le scene con FrOGs (oggetti frammentati), mentre i mini-giochi mi sembrano un po' troppo "appiccicati" all'interno della storia. L'utilizzo di filmati con figure umane per i protagonisti forse vuole essere originale, ma non lo è (si veda "Questerium: Sinister Trinity HD Collector's Edition"). Di certo un elemento positivo è il fatto che, in assenza di una mappa, l'aiuto si ricarica velocemente, quindi non c'è troppo da "affaticarsi" il cervello per andare avanti. Ed è anche apprezzabile la presenza di un gioco extra. Il mio personale parere è che vale la pena di giocarci soprattutto se lo trovate a prezzo scontato: al suo prezzo pieno ci sono games di ben altra qualità, almeno dal punto di vista tecnico.

[It is a game with a linear story, passable music (with a beautiful song in the end of the main story), well-made images, a bit of healthy irony about the actions we need to take ... and some original elements that make it a game to play. It stands out nicely on the whole presence of the little cat that will help us in the crucial passages and is made with a particular technical and graphic care. Good scenes with FrOGs (fragmented objects), while the mini-games seem to me a bit too "stuck" in the story. The use of movies with human figures for the protagonists perhaps wants to be original, but it is not (see "Questerium: Sinister Trinity HD Collector's Edition"). Certainly a positive element is the fact that, in the absence of a map, the help is quickly recharged, so there is not too much to "fatigue" the brain to move forward. And the presence of an extra game is also appreciable. My personal opinion is that it is worth playing with it especially if you find it at a discounted price: at its full price there are games of a very different quality, at least from a technical point of view.]

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Doesnt work on [latest] Mac OS x
by Andrew A.22, USA - May 24th 2019

Can we get an update for [the latest] Mac OS x so we can play it...

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by Prah, Sweden - May 24th 2019

I've been wanting an expansion like this forever, expanding onto higher education. There's a lot of new buildings and things to do, which I definitely love. Hopefully my cities can now get a proper campus :D

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KingLeno is the best and this pack just proves it
by Prah, Sweden - May 24th 2019

KingLeno is one of the better assets creators for Cities Skylines on the Steam Workshop and it's great that he has been given the opportunity to make a creator content pack. Much needed in a university town :)

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by Kerry L., Hong Kong - May 23rd 2019

It's a very fun game which is not super difficult

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Unleash the Apocalypse
by PeterBarsk, Germany - May 23rd 2019

You get a lot bang for the buck. The new Titans are hte most prominent feature. These massive ships are civic specific and allow you to bring your empire to its full potential.

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Nice addition of game mechanics
by PeterBarsk, Germany - May 23rd 2019

Although the DLC is relatively cheap, you get a lot of content from it. Now you can see, what is behind that black hole.

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The Sim City we never got
by PeterBarsk, Germany - May 23rd 2019

If you like the old classic Sim City, you will love this one for sure.

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Great matching/hidden object fun!
by Jessica Teeter, USA - May 22nd 2019

I play some of the easier levels with my preschooler, and he loves it! Great soothing game for when your brain is pining for things to be neat and orderly.

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A good sequel but weaker than Season 1
by Sephiroth983, Italy - May 22nd 2019

Overall a good game, loyal to its atmosphere, but not as good as Season 1

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The expansion we've been waiting for
by Matias V., Belgium - May 22nd 2019

CKII has had a rocky DLC policy despite it being over 7 years the game originally released. We went from small dlc and hyperfragmented microtransactions, to bigger dlc with optional content packs, to the dlc we get today: a big expansion all rolled into one purchase (music aside).

Holy Fury revamps the pagan religions, adds bloodlines, warrior lodges, etc. The reworked pagan religions and the ability to customize your pagan religion through reformation, this alone adds hundreds of hours of gameplay.

I'm honestly extremely satisfied with this dlc. This is how it should have been from day one. Great stuff.

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Doesn't even start!
by Andre24, Germany - May 22nd 2019

The game doesnt start because of a missing file error. I tried fixing it, but couldnt find a solution to get it to work. Shouldnt have bought the game. :(

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