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Worth Every Penny
by Admin Account, USA - Nov 25th 2011

I admit this is basically a happy version of Machinarium, but that makes it even better for my 8 year old son. One reviewer mentioned that it wasn't anywhere near as good as Machinarium because he was just finding parts and he couldn't find them all. Although this game does have a lot of "I SPY" in it, you eventually use the parts you find to assemble puzzles that you have to solve. These are generally a bit easier than Machinarium's puzzles which is good for my son since we had to solve many of the hard puzzles for him in Machinarium.

So, if you're looking for something as involved as Machinarium, this will disappoint. But if you just want some family game time that's not mind-numbing, you couldn't ask for more!

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by Ophelious, USA - Nov 25th 2011

Overall, I enjoy this game. In some ways it has a lot of repeat play value, but the reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because it's not particularly exciting. In the end, there is no other thing to do than continue attacking until you can take over the whole world. There comes a point in the game where either you have a shot at doing it or you know you can't. At that point, the game become boring.

1. Great level of historical detail for the major players
2. Many options for controlling your countries economy, military, and technology
3. Grand scale,
4. Many playable nations,
5. Real time

1. Hard to figure out (though once you do, it's not hard to play.)
2. Not as fun if you're not one of the major powers.
3. Complicated to manage air, sea, and land combat at the same time.
4. Many events are "locked" historically and affect things. For example, Poland is always going to get attacked by the Germans at some point.
5. Some countries, such as Poland, are not winnable.
6. It's possible to flush a huge amount of time into this game.

I play the Mac version. DON'T rely on the specs given here. I use a G4 1.67 with 2GB of RAM and this game runs adequately to poorly. There are no 3D elements or real animation to speak of, and the graphics blow, so it's either poorly coded or just that plain massive. There specs of a G3 500 seem just plain insane to me.

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Hail to the king, baby!
by Anarath, Germany - Nov 24th 2011

Like Jorge Cabral already described it in his review the game is fun and its also what I did expect of it.

Hell, its been in development for over a decade now. They began from scratch four times (or more, I didn't remember). Also developers switched constantly. Its a wonder that the game really has been released.

Sure, the graphics are lacking behind but thats something I don't care about. We all knew something like that would happen as a result of being in chaotic development for ages. In the end I'm just grateful that it was not going to be vaporware.

On top of that the game got me the second Duke said the first sentence and it felt like before. I had fun like I did playing Duke Nukem 3D the first time. Hunting down aliens, saving the world (and its babes) and laughing about Dukes way of commenting things.

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The Settlers 7 Paths to a Kingdom: Deluxe Gold Edition Icon
Good game, bad DRM, non-optimized RAM usage
by Anarath, Germany - Nov 24th 2011

Overall its a good game. The gameplay is fun, the graphics are good, the campaign is well made even though its predictable. Multiplayer works well too, but it lacks a massive community like Starcraft 2 has for example. So its no bug if you have an empty session browser sometimes.

A real drawback is that you aren't able to play while being offline because of the strict DRM. So no settling if theres no internet connection available.

I also run into a problem where the game slows down and memory errors occur leading to a crash of the game. This seem only to happen on very long games and probably is caused by the Cider port. I'm on a Mac Pro with 8 GB of memory and I got the message there is not enough memory remaining and the game will quit after playing for a long while. Felt like a bad joke. On the other hand: Which game doesn't have bugs? (And its the only one I run into so far.)

Anyway, I would definitley buy it again.

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Minor errors but overall excellent.
by Andrew L., USA - Nov 23rd 2011

I can second some of the other reviewer's complaints (Luiz) and offer insight on those errors. The sound does in fact bug if the sfx/music is meant to be more ambient or heard through a building. For example standing out the doors by the Malibu club, the music from within the club sounds really "bit crushing" and unnatural. Everything else sounds fine (radio, gun shots, etc), it's all good.

As far as flying the copters, you can adjust the controls to make it less frustrating when using a laptop. For example put the "lean forward" and "back" commands on mouse buttons, so you can click those while using up/down/left/right with keyboard keys. Sort of balances it out but still takes getting used to. It is possible with some clever reassigning.

What else can I say? It's otherwise the same great classic with the updated Xbox edition graphics and runs flawlessly on my mb running Snow Leopard. My fav of the PS2/Xbox1 era of GTA games.

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last but not least
by gihaddd, USA - Nov 23rd 2011

The mother of all Gta's, san Andreas has a lot to bring to the table. Out of the trilogy this one has the most variety, but compared to gta3 and vc it's not as smooth. People have complained about slow framerate issues and bugs, but the only problems i've noticed is texture load in, which is expected in any free roam game especially as large as san andreas. Other than that game runs perfectly fine on my mid 09 mbp 2.53 ghz 9400m. 150+ vehicles, boats, planes, helicopters, bikes, jetpacks, and a whole lot of weapons is what makes this a must buy. get it while its cheap.

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Reminds me of childhood
by gihaddd, USA - Nov 23rd 2011

Gta 3 was a masterpiece of a game back in 99 and I still cant seem to put it down today. Out of the trilogy this is personally my favorite. It runs relatively smooth on my mid 09 mbp 2.53ghz 9400m, but out of the trilogy vice city runs the best on mac. Irregardless this is a game no one should turn down. Controls are intuitive and simple enough to grasp and the vehicle physics were, and are still, amazing. This one is personally my favorite because it created a whole different genre of gaming and the open world really gave the player a sense of freedom compared to most the linear titles released around the same time.

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still just as fun!!
by gihaddd, USA - Nov 23rd 2011

I currently own a mid 09 mbp 2.53 ghz with a 9400m graphics card and this game works flawlessly. Sure there are some cutscenes where the audio is a little static, but this is unnoticeable. Compared to all three of the series this runs the smoothest and is personally my second favorite of the trilogy. Controls are intuitive but i suggest you purchase a mouse for finer aiming assistance. This is definitely a title you'll want on your computer or laptop forever.

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Freeze problem on OS X Lion 10.7.2
by pavlo, Ukraine - Nov 22nd 2011

There is temporary solution:

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Campfire Legends - The Last Act Premium Edition Icon
Rosemary Gt Britain 20.11.11
by mrs rosemary ellen boast, England - Nov 22nd 2011

Exactly the same problems as above. All goes blank near the beginning. Then game will not save. Loved all previous campfire games.

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Just playable, not optimal
by Luiz Felipe Moraes Pereira, Brazil - Nov 22nd 2011

Has minor but annoying sound issues sometimes, the controls aren't optimized for mac keyboard (specially controlling helicopters) among other things; I would say it is just playable.

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Excellent Shooter with RTS
by Wumpus, USA - Nov 20th 2011

Super fun class based warfare with a good RTS component. More people need to be playing this, make yourself one of them!

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Nice graphics, klunky gameplay
by Ken Spiker, USA - Nov 20th 2011

My major gripe with this game is that there are no written instructions on how to use the interface. So as a beginner I'm left to trying random key combinations to try to get a result.

Then there were the constant cutscenes; I felt I was always being interrupted in my explorations. The landscape does not appear contiguous, the player is always being snatched away and put in a different location.

At the point I left the game I had been transported to a sort of crypt and had to face a boss, but the weapons I had were inadequate to defeat him. There was nowhere to turn for any hints and I couldn't escape the crypt. Perhaps if I spent a great deal of time on the internet looking for walkthroughs or forum posts that would help me find my way. But at that point I gave up on the game.

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Big Kahuna Reef 2
by Michael Russell, Australia - Nov 20th 2011

Our favourite game, but after upgrading to LION, game tries to load but fails.

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Rome: Total War™ - Gold Edition Icon
OK game
by Josh, USA - Nov 19th 2011

I bought this game with high expectations but the game really disapointed me. It has a great story and sounds like a really cool game. But the interface and handling of the game is horrible. The camera glitches up a lot and the animation is horrible. Save your money and buy a real time strategy game. Dont buy this game, trust me.

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The Sims 3 Outdoor Living Stuff Icon
by Haribo, - Nov 19th 2011

cool make your own out door living stuff get it now its so so cool how you make this house and sims Amazing :)

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The only bad thing is....
by Chris Stewart, Australia - Nov 19th 2011

This game is bril, but it keeps on cutting me off half way through a stage making me complete the entire stage again!! It makes me not to play it.

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Murder Island: Secret of Tantalus Icon
Could not play
by Marilyn Buddenhagen, USA - Nov 18th 2011

Tried the demo. All I ever got was the developer credits then a black screen. Had to turn off the computer to get out! I have a Macbook Pro G4, running Snow Leopard.

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