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Demo easy, real levels impossible
by Steve Fenwick, USA - Aug 18th 2010

Don't buy. The real levels, the ones opened after purchasing, are essentially impossible for a solo player. Once you've played all the levels in the demo, you've gotten about all you will in single player mode.

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I liked it
by CiberTiger, USA - Aug 17th 2010

Something different. Good graphics and story. Tired of all the occult games. I recommend trying the demo for yourself to decide.

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Didn't care for this one at all.
by CiberTiger, USA - Aug 17th 2010

Very, boring. Very, disappointing.

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by Captain Skurvy, Australia - Aug 16th 2010

I don't know how this runs under older Mac OS's but under 10.6.4 it bombs out on a regular basis . . . not so much in the normal game but in the other modes. I have not be able to finish a game of Scrabble Golf etc . . . Not good . . . needs an update . . . badly.

Other wise I like the game it needs a user dictionary. as it does not recognise some basic words etc.

If the bugs were fixed i would rate it much higher . . .

unfortunately the demo ran fine then again i only used the standard mode and it only lasts for an hour so I did/could not check everything

Get the demo and try and play as many modes as possible before you buy . . .

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Curse of the Opera
by Mary Kaye Springer, USA - Aug 16th 2010

I played the game through - got to the tower opened it and it said, "You are quite a detective Stagehand" and that was the end of the game? The screen stayed totally black with those words written on the bottom. No way to get out except Command/Q. I think something is wrong with my download....or else the producers ran out of money.

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i loved it!
by Virginia Huebscher, Switzerland - Aug 15th 2010

a great game, i liked to play it a lot.

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Too short and very silly
by Jennie Morgan, USA - Aug 14th 2010

Fuzzy graphics make the objects very hard to find, silly premise for story, and short. Annoying music and sound effects.

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Tough puzzles
by Jennie Morgan, USA - Aug 14th 2010

I've enjoyed the two previous World Mosaics and this one is good and much harder. The story is just enough to keep you going, but the puzzles are the real entertainment. Good for logical thinkers and concentration.

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Too short
by Anna Yu, Sweden - Aug 14th 2010

Game ended suddenly.

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Wasted potential?
by Robert White2, USA - Aug 13th 2010

Game has a lot of appeal, and I feel bad in some ways giving it such a low rating. I encountered a number of graphical glitches, however, that made it hard to enjoy an otherwise pretty good game. One glitch, a horrible "shimmering" at the top of my screen, renders the game almost unplayable. $30 down the drain. This is a shame because the graphics are often pretty good and sometimes almost beautiful. Don't think it's my monitor or card, as they are both new and powerful. This is one of those games that I'd love to see passed on to a developer with some resources so that they could clean it up.

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Headache material
by Lucy Grech, Australia - Aug 13th 2010

Not happy at all with this game, the graphics aren't that clear making it hard to make out the hidden objects, and all the onscreen text is annoying to wade through. No real atmosphere created either with poor use of music, the music they have used is monotonous and annoying. Won't be finishing this one off.

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the story of a king...
by jonny mehraban, Mexico - Aug 13th 2010

This game was very good...i have been playing lots of games like this...(rice of naitions, age of empire.) but this one is exelent because you make your relm, you fight wars, you make you roun story...
this game will have a settlers 8,9,10 etc.... so you will never guet bored...

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They way it was meant to be
by Glenn Dawes, USA - Aug 12th 2010

Wow, geeze this game is excellent. The graphics are exceptional, the story is fine, though, not deep, and about the same story you might remember from Diablo 1 and 2. The gameplay is very much like Diablo 2, only there is more detail in the items and smarter segregation of stores and shops. I like that when you die you get to have 3 options and you have all your gear and body immediately, unlike Diablo 2. The skill trees are simple, more graphic than Diablo 2 but don't seem to have any synergy skills that Diablo 2 is really good at. The pet is a very nice feature similar to the mercenary in Diablo 2 only the mercenary is extremely limited, where as the pet at is more interesting and can hold gear, not just wear it. The pet casts spells as well! Rings and amulets are socketed, unlike Diablo 2. The monsters are more varied than Diablo 2 and the "prettiness" of the gameplay graphics is far superior to Diablo 2-basically the special effects of spells and such is very well done. By all comparisons, Torchlight is basically a Diablo 2.5 if not 2.9. It will be interesting to see how much better Diablo 3 is than Torchlight and I suspect when Torchlight 2 comes out in Spring 2011, it might just be better than Diablo 3 in some ways. I will buy both, unless Blizzard requires a monthly subscription to play Diablo 3, in which case I won't buy the game and get Torchlight 2 instead. I am using a Macintosh (of course), which is a Mac Mini 2010. It is a 2.66Ghz Intel Core2 Duo with 2GB RAM and a nVidia 320M integrated processor and I can run the game with full settings on high. There is an occasional 1 second lag when in large enounters but this probably the game accessing info on the Mac Mini hard drive which is VERY SLOW (a SATA 1 with a 5400 RPM drive and 8MB cache), but it is very rare and not really noticable. I am planning on upgrading the RAM to 4GB or more so that might help since 2 GB in Snow Leopard 10.6.4 is really not enough. Considering the Mac Mini is seriously the SLOWEST Macintosh you can buy today, the game runs flawlessly on it, smooth and clean and very pleasing to the eye. That is really good programing! I recommend this game 100% if you enjoyed Diablo 2 at all. At least it will tide us all over until Diablo 3 comes out (or Torchlight 2!)

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