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by Ofer Klemm, USA - Mar 20th 2012

I like it so much! works great on the iMac 21" 2.7ghz. The game story seemed to be long, which is good! and the story itself is entertaining! Really fair price! My first game that I bought for the mac. I'm pleased :)

Buy it if you like driving/racing games.

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Sorry I Bought This
by Jano145, USA - Mar 19th 2012

I deleted it after learning after purchase there are additional steps to install it. I could never figure them out and I see I have plenty of company. Complete waste of time and money.

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Works with MAC SX Lion
by toxicalien, USA - Mar 19th 2012

If you have the PowerPC version of HALO for MAC and you want to run it on your newer mac, then download this universal binary and it will work!

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good but..
by rosemary jean dyer, England - Mar 19th 2012

great game, good graphics, not overly complicated but the ending is a let down. All the build up and when you solve the last puzzle - nothing. the end. a brief word explanation and that's it! no scare, no anything. rest of game is good but you never feel in any danger and the 'escape' is just the ending that's all!

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by Kare Hunol, USA - Mar 18th 2012

The graphics are terrific, the story is solid, but the real entertainment is the excellent balance between the hidden objects and the puzzles. So nicely paced! Particularly outstanding is that the hidden objects are rationally placed in the setting. A sword in the blacksmith's hall but not at the tea table. SUPER entertainment, highest recommendation.

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Fast paced hidden object mystery
by Sky Yoshimura, USA - Mar 18th 2012

This is ANOTHER dark and ghostly, orphaned child mystery game. Seriously, what's with all the orphaned children? I found this game to be fairly easy and was able to complete it in 2 hours in Casual Mode. The hidden objects were medium sized and not too difficult to find. The tasks were placed close together so there wasn't a lot of running around. I enjoyed going back and forth between the past and the present, but that was the only unique aspect to the game. After you complete the story, a bonus chapter is revealed. Unfortunately, it was at this point that the game crashed and all of my progress was lost. While the game was engaging, it was so easy, I can't really say it was worth the cost. Maybe played in Expert Mode or the inclusion of the bonus chapter would make it worthwhile.

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No multiplayer
by yeseter, Slovak Republic - Mar 17th 2012

Yes I do agree looks very good and plays very nice, graphic are georgeos etc.Maybe best looking what ever you say _I DO AGREE. But no multiplayer is a big big rip-off. Original version includes multiplayer so why not mac version? Gameranger is still operational to my knowledge.

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Good game, bad platform.
by Bionic Andypoo, USA - Mar 17th 2012

I had this game first on consoles, and was very impressed by the intuitive controls and great gameplay. I sold my console and purchased it on Mac. After a very long download (9.7 GB or something) I was eager to try it out. I have the minimum RAM, and the game is slow on my computer (all games are, it's not unique to this particular one), but for those with a newer computer, I fully recommend this game. Experienced none of the issues mentioned in other reviews, and am all-in-all satisfied with my purchase.

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Echoes of the Past .....a blast!
by Kathy Thorpe, Canada - Mar 17th 2012

I really enjoyed this game. Different puzzles. different type of hidden object. Best game I've played for quite a while. Don't want it to end!

Kathy Thorpe

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Sooooo badass
by dpratt78, USA - Mar 17th 2012

Such a sick game you need to get this, runs great, there's online, you can even free roam with other players online, its like gta 4 but you stay in the cars, and the story mode is great too.

BUY IT you won't regret it.

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