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Atlantis Sky Patrol
by Rod K. Nickas, USA - Nov 4th 2006

Excellent game in all respects. No cavets. My satisfaction was complete on all levels. Just wish sequel was out.

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soiund problems
by peter mead, USA - Oct 29th 2006

I had the same sound problem with quake
4. downloaded the newest version and that took care of the sound.

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Great game, but not without flaws
by John Kurokawa, USA - Oct 26th 2006

Ancient Tripeaks II is definitely a quantum leap over its predecessor. The gameplay is great, with fantastic music and graphics, but I have two sticky points:

1. Why no universal binary? Not a major killer, but I was wondering why my Intel Core Duo MacBook Pro was getting so warm, only to find out that Ancient Tripeaks II was consuming 65% of my CPU cycles and 163 MB of RAM??!? Please make it a universal binary so it doesn't have to run under Rosetta!

2. Since this game was released in October of this year, there is absolutely NO reason why this game should not have widescreen support. All Macs being released currently have widescreens; why should a commercial game with so much polish run at only 640x480 with ugly black bands on the left and right sides of the screen? Add widescreen support!

These are the only two nitpicks I have about what is otherwise an excellent game. Definitely worth the download.

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You need Jets'n'Guns
by Ian Beck, USA - Oct 17th 2006

There is simply no excuse for not owning this game, particularly if you are a fan of the shoot-em-up genre. Jets'n'Guns features some of the most addictive shoot-em-up gameplay since some of the classics. Its weapons upgrade system, space marines and other bystanders, and intense action make it a must-have for any gamer. And that's without mentioning the incredible soundtrack.

This game takes nothing seriously and ends up being hilariously bad-arse in the process. Download the demo, then buy the game. I doubt that you'll be disappointed.

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by Simon Johnson, England - Oct 10th 2006

Beautiful graphics and a simple game format that really draws you in. I wish the resolution was somewhat better, as it can be difficult to make some things out. I know that is the idea, but the resolution is so low that the objects can be close to impossible to see. Otherwise a nice Flash game.

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Poor Directions
by Katharine Papale, USA - Oct 8th 2006

I like the game but the directions are nonexistent so you have to figure everything out by deduction. Also, the "Classic" mode will not play for me.

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by jeff uberstine, USA - Oct 4th 2006

Ive been play halo on my new macbook pro with suround sounds speakers plugged in. With the new universal version i can put all the graphics settings on high for everything and it still runs well above 30 fps

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Egg vs. Chicken
by Dan Hess, USA - Oct 1st 2006

I'm impressed! It saves automatically after each level, a big plus if you ask me...

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