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by Elisabeth Bydler, Sweden - Jun 13th 2007

Very good game, almost as addictive as Zuma!

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by robert ian sutcliffe, England - May 26th 2007

the game works so slowly on my mac! i can play quake 4 fine but not this the game is really badly put together i spent hours trying to sort it out and didnt get to play! i think its a bad transfer from pc! and as its digital download cant even get a refund! dont throw your money away... get football manager instead i have and its infinitively better... in that you can actually play! this is really really bad!

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Brain Boosters
by Eric Bulmer, USA - May 26th 2007

Choppy graphics, and instead of reading the questions, the "professor" just jiggles around while his speech appears in comic style bubbles as text. The interface was non-intuitive, allowing control of a large piece of chalk on a chalkboard, when the missing letters actually had to be typed via keyboard. All this game boosted was my boredom, and I wouldn't inflict it on kids.

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Not really a challenge
by Donna Fischman, USA - May 26th 2007

Three characters, ten levels each and yet they are all pretty much the same. If you are looking for a game that gets harder as you progress, this is not really for you.

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As Relaxing as the Real Thing
by Eric Bulmer, USA - May 26th 2007

As actual "brick and mortar" fish tank folks, we love Fish Tycoon. The Realtime aspect is great. You don't so much "play" this game as set it up and check in occasionally. Variable gamespeed insures that you won't kill off your fish, and the quest for the 7 magic species keep the intrigue going. That said, the inventory system needs tweaking-if you've already some ich medicine in your inventory, you can't buy fungus medicine without its displacing the ich medicine you already own, and vice versa-that's odd-why can't you stock both medicines at once? This sim is great for kids, and for adults who don't want to (or don't have the time to) deal with the minutia of more complicated fish sim games.

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It Was Nice!
by Paula McLeland, USA - May 26th 2007

Jewel Match is a lot of fun. The only complaint I have is I think the trail should be a lot longer on this game. I never had a crash, and it runs very smooth.

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My Review
by Anonymous, Australia - May 26th 2007

Good game but will get repetative.

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My Review
by John Hunter, England - May 26th 2007

This is a very nice game to look at. The graphics are good, colourful and bright. The problem is with the gameplay. Basically the game is just way too repetitive. Each level is essentially the same, just in a different location and it doesn't get any harder. You have the same time limit - 5 minutes - and have to find the same amount of objects - 15 - at both the beginning and end of the game.

Difficulty settings would have been good, decreased time limits as you progress, more objects to find per level the further you get into the game, thinks like this would all have enhanced the gameplay and stopped it from being quite dull.

And what exactly is the benefit of getting a gold star? You can progress to the next level by finding only 10 of the 15 items on a level, and there doesn't seem to be any advantage I can make out to getting all 15 and a gold star, other than the satisfaction of knowing you'd found everything.

So to sum up, a nice, if ultimately, boring game. Good to while away a couple of hours, but there are better games on this site (Kudos, for example) for the same money.

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Good Joss!
by HappyPig, USA - May 19th 2007

I loved this game - it reminded me of playing Taipan on the old Apple ][s with the trade and ship battles. Five stars just for that!

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