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Awesome Twist on Traditional Shooters
by Martin Graham, USA - May 9th 2007

I downloaded and played the demo on my iMac 17" 2.0 Core2Duo with a gig of ram, and it was awesome! Graphics are fabulous and the gameplay is great! The story line is pretty intriguing as well. Sound is great! I love the Native American twist on the music when you go into "spirit mode" during the out of body experience. In fact, I love the way the game incorporates some characteristics not previously found in FPS games. Great concept for a game.

I will warn you that the language is pretty offensive, but the nice thing is that you can turn the profanity off in the game options. That is a great bonus considering that I have a 6 year old in my home and I don't want him hearing the "F" word in every scene when I'm playing. Not to mention the fact that I hate foul language myself. All in all, if the full game is as good as the demo, then I think this could rival some of the mainline FPS games on the market. I think this will be a homerun based on what I have seen thus far.

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for those with plenty of time
by Ubermaximus, Canada - May 4th 2007

Granted, this game is not for adreneline junky, the frag king, or the Orc commander. But for those who thought Hitler, Stalin, Rosevelt or Churchill could have done things differently this game is for you. Yes, with the millions of calculations it is running all the time the game can lag, but I still find it manageable with my macmini 1.2ghz. If you know some ww2 history and want massive scale strategy this game can be the cat's pajamas.

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by John Van Cleaf, USA - Apr 22nd 2007

Annoying! Hard to manuever, Carpal tunnel syndrome is to be expected after 5 mins.

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Bugs add to gameplay challenge!
by Nathalie Baldwin, USA - Apr 22nd 2007

This is not an easy game. The goal is to match blocks to free the cute little boogying Ouba's but to do so you must also avoid causing the blocks to freeze or the game itself to crash entirely. Addicting and annoying. Would be a super game if it didn't crash and was less laggy.

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Worth every penny.
by Craig Valeri, USA - Apr 15th 2007

I love Halo. I love Halo even more now on my Macbook Pro. All performance issues have vanished with this new patch. If you went and spent tons of money on a new Mactel, an extra $5 to make your favorite game even better is worth every penny.

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Makes you really see the news for the first time
by Jarmo Petäjäaho, Finland - Apr 14th 2007

PeaceMaker is a revelation. By letting you play both sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict it makes you really confront the complex issues involved. After playing it, the news from the region will be viewed with a new light of understanding.

Stepping into the shoes of the Palestinian President or the Israeli Prime Minister and negotiating the shifting winds of public favour and the rough seas of violence of both sides makes one appreciate the delicate balancing act of building peace both within and without your people.

Making the policy decisions, negotiating with radical and conservative parties, choosing where to spend money and dreading the next outburst of violence makes the issues stick in your mind long after finishing the game. More understanding comes with doing than reading magazines or watching TV.

Playing the game is a fast and efficient way of learning about the seemingly neverending Middle-East conflict. In just a few hours the player will make many illuminating connections between the often conflicting actions and speeches of the participating groups - and the consequences of the actions. When the same findings are shown daily in the international news it makes you really appreciate the work that has gone into PeaceMaker.

The game is fun and engaging to play and encourages deep thinking about the conflict. A strategy game has seldom felt so alive and current. PeaceMaker proves that the real world provides subjects many times more interesting than the usual fantasy fare offered in the name of entertainment.

Above all, PeaceMaker provides hope. Hope of the conflict being solvable, hope of mutual understanding and respect being possible. Hope of finally setting aside the myriad legitimate grievances of both sides and working together to achieve peace. Hope of people from both sides to mostly view each other as people first and members of a different group second. A game couldn't aspire to higher ends.

It does not even matter if you agree with the assumptions the game makes or the accuracy of the many facts presented. You will think, and you will learn. And you will have fun.

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RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Soaked
by Mr Ross Williams, Australia - Apr 12th 2007

The game adds a large range of water items including pools, slides and many more. This makes the original rollercoaster game much more enjoyable and fun. You can also make laser and water shows which can be shown in your park at night.

Recommend to anyone who owns RollerCoaster Tycoon 3.

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A great game offering unique playing experience
by badolina, USA - Apr 12th 2007

I am an Israeli, a serious gamer, and an expert on the subject.
This game manages to combine three things:

- A great, highly addictive game
- A refreshing approach
- An accurate description of the up-to-date situation in the Middle East.

I like this game for many reasons. At first I was skeptical and only downloaded the demo version, but quickly upgraded.

Instead of overloading the player with irrelevant (and boring...) historical facts, the game conveys the situation in the middle east as is, currently, every day.

By playing both sides, the Israeli and the Palestinian, you get a new perspective on things.

Instead of going 'hey, why can't they resolve it', in this game I felt 'hey, what should *I* do next to resolve it?' - a unique playing experience, that carries on to every news report I currently see.

And the game is much fun, very well balanced. Highly recommended!

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