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Fun for beginner but slow for pro
by April Ward, USA - Nov 26th 2008

If you are looking for a fast challenging game this one will not be for you, the dialogue is to slow and the game gets boring way to fast. I will pass on this dog.

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Not a keeper...
by Linda Rosenfield, USA - Nov 26th 2008

I found the game to be story heavy. There's a fine line between too much story and just enough. This was way too talky and the puzzles weren't exactly puzzles since you are told what to look for and exactly what to do with it all through the game. So not great as a puzzler but decent as an HO. The mini-games are actually different versions on the HO theme.

If you like challenging casuals this probably wouldn't fit the bill but if you just want a variation of the standard HO then this works well for super casual players.

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One of the best out there.
by KEVIN BRIAN, Canada - Nov 26th 2008

Ancient magic is a highly entertaining game that has all the good of the original Azada but with some improvements. The biggest being that you can stop and save in the middle of a book without having to start the level all over again. The sound is great as are the mini games and story. My only complaint would be that it is a little on the short side. But that is a small price to pay for how entertaining it is. They are a little harsh on the clicks but the game is not too hard to play. It is refreshing and def. one of the better out there. I esp. liked the Dr. Jekyl and Hide book. I highly recommend Ancient magic and can assure you there will be a 3rd.

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I love this game!
by Sarah Cavanah, USA - Nov 24th 2008

Top Chef is a great game, because it's different every time. Even after you beat it, you can go back and do entirely different flavor combinations. The only drawback is you get sick of listening to Coliccio keep telling you that "You really must have paid attention in culinary school."

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Nice Game
by Raghunandan R, india - Nov 24th 2008

You will have lot of fun with this game!

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Recommendable and worth the price!
by Lukas Posch, Austria - Nov 24th 2008

First, i also liked WingNuts 1 very much and so I bought this game. Although the graphics in part one were not worth to mention, part two has better graphics but didn't lost the character of a nice arcade game. So dont await 3D graphics.

The principle didn't change and it is worth playing short time during breaks, but also playing multiple hours without getting boring. So far, the campaign is also great fun and there are many planes to fly.

The sound has not really changed in my eyes but is acceptable due to the game's arcade character.

All in all a very nice game to play, for every age.

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Highly Addictive
by Scott Henderson, USA - Nov 24th 2008

Game play is somewhat like minesweeper only the numbers are given outside the grid, not inside. The game is also much more fun to play. Most puzzles can be figured out by logic alone although at the higher levels the hints and some guesswork are necessary. This is a challenging game without being frustrating.

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Bettys beer bar
by Heather Joiner, Canada - Nov 23rd 2008

Cannot get game to load. Crashes computer everytime.

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8 out 10...Good Game
by K.Baillie, Canada - Nov 21st 2008

A good HO game with nearly 100 levels. The grahics are great and there are many different kinds of puzzles. There are some mini games. You get time off for frequent wrong clicking and bonus for speed clicking. At first you must find hidden objects the usual way from a list. As the game progresses you find the objects from word clues. i.e. (read + mornin + daily = newspaper) There are approx. 12 mini games which are average games. I have seen better one. The game is very long and enjoyable because of it's story driven plot and good graphics.

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Solid HO Game
by KEVIN BRIAN, Canada - Nov 19th 2008

Mystery Chronicles is a good ho game..but it brings nothing new to the table. The story falls a little flat and it uses far too many cliches. However, the mini games are good (not great ) but def. good. Good music!

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It might have been excellent...
by Kathleen McCormick, USA - Nov 16th 2008

...but it just missed.

The graphics are superb, the storyline is actually more engaging than any similar games I've played, the music is nice and not particularly intrusive; BUT the puzzles are sometimes too simple, it's too short and has no replay value.

I liked that it has no timer because it makes (or would make) it perfect for those of us who just like to relax and enjoy the ride rather than being harassed by a ticking clock. After all, some of us play these games to unwind after being, you know, harassed by a ticking clock five days a week.

I had game credits or I would probably be somewhat annoyed at having to pay $20.00 for it. As it stands it's not a total waste, but it really needs more work. Two more murders and random item search for replay would make it one of the best I've played.

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by Jeanne Dower, USA - Nov 16th 2008

I agree with everything Peter said. I loved this game as a kid and this is almost better because you can play anytime and try to outdo yourself.

I like the fact that you can control the "intelligence" of the other players and choose how many people to play against.

And unlike the H/O games that playing twice is usually the limit before getting bored, this NEVER gets boring!

The gameplay, graphics and sound were ideal for the fabulous game of Clue.

They captured it perfectly!

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I need coolant....
by Hisashi Uga, Japan - Nov 13th 2008

I love this game. This kind of game is quite different from games available in Japan. But it overheats too much, and causes my macbook pro shut down like in 20 mins

I changed configuration as low as possible, but still causes shutdown. orz....

I'm using medical ice pillows to keep it cold.
Otherwise, the game itself is just great for $20.
I can study interesting English words, too.

This game is not too deep. Diablo is too much for me, but FATE is moderate. The scenario is maybe bit too same, and gets boring some time and the design of armor is pretty much same shape in different colors.

Not many variation is available. And yet, character development is endless fun, gathering rare items are so much fun, and definitely I would buy a next series.

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Boom Wow
by barry, USA - Nov 13th 2008

This is a creative fun game worth the money.

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