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loads of fun!
by K.Baillie, Canada - Jul 3rd 2008

I don't need to tell you too much about the game as the previous reviewers have done so. May I just state that as a player of hidden objects games, it is getting harder and harder to find one worth playing. Lets face it, they are very similar. This game was one of those few that is unique enough to keep your interest. I wish there were more H/O that could do that & am already in search of another one.

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by K.Baillie, Canada - Jul 3rd 2008

Totally addicting game : ) Some levels were much easier than others but it was loud fast paced, addicting and made you think! Waiting for #3 Wasted a lot of hours I should have been studying on this game!

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Too bad digital download is nonrefundable
by Jordan Smith, USA - Jun 22nd 2008

I would not recommend that anyone purchase this game for any reason. If I took the time to figure out how to "play" -I use the term loosely- this game I would find myself sick of it by the time I had even a novice appreciation for the controls. The game is totally lacking any meaningful tutorial or help section, and is basically a total piece of garbage.

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Was I playing the same game?
by Sheila Greenberg, USA - Jun 22nd 2008

I have the new iMac. It has a 24' screen, the latest Intel Core 2 Duo processors, the most powerful graphics ever available in an iMac. "With the NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GS and 512MB of dedicated video memory, this 24-inch iMac configuration reaches a whole new, blow-you-away level of detail and realism in games, three-dimensional graphics, high-resolution photos, and high-definition video." (as per the apple web site). I ONLY mention this because I found the Scruffs game to be the worst "hidden object" game I've ever played. While I absolutely love these types of games, this particular one was AWFUL. The images were poorly rendered, the games within the story were badly done and, after playing the demo version, I would never buy "The Scruffs" for myself, let alone for my kids. Thanks for letting me vent.

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Watch the cursor
by Emily Harste, USA - Jun 22nd 2008

I really enjoyed this game.

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It's so fun!
by tom lind, Denmark - Jun 13th 2008

This game is really fun, and just say a few words: Fantastic, brilliant and FUN!

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Good Hidden Object game with great mini puzzles and games.
by Andrew Harris, Canada - Jun 13th 2008

A nicely integrated story, multileveled with many mini puzzles. The only complaint I can find with this game is that it ended rather abrubtly. You can play in relaxed or time mode but you are not timed on the mini puzzles. That was kind of nice. Great graphics. It has an interesting hint based system in which you must find jewels to fit in an amulet. When the five jewels are collected, you get a magic spell to help find things. Very good game!

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Agruably THE BEST!
by KEVIN BRIAN, Canada - Jun 13th 2008

Simply put, It is ONE of the BEST Match 3 out there.

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Get parts I and II instead
by John Bash, USA - Jun 13th 2008

I was disappointed with this game. The graphics, while improved, really got in the way of gameplay. Also, the gameplay has changed to the point where I have to go through tedious tutorials to learn how to play. I figured it out, but there's just not the fun that the first two games had. Also, I highly recommend the game Victoria. While I think Paradox is a great game company, nobody's perfect. They have unfortunately fallen short with this one.

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by Julie Sheetz, USA - Jun 12th 2008

I bought this for my daughter because we thought that they would get progressively harder, but instead seemed to get easier. My daughter finished it just one day after I bought it, hoping there would be more to it than that. She said that some of the puzzles were just too easy for her!! Her favorite puzzles were the ones where you had to find the items and use them to solve the puzzle in the room. My daughter is 14 and said that this was much easier than she thought when she played the demo. Hopefully, my other daughter, my son, and I can all play it as well to get my money's worth out of this game.
My daughter enjoyed it while it lasted, but we may not buy the sequel to this game if it comes out.

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