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Not Worth $9.95
by Kathy McGinn, USA - Oct 15th 2010

Some interesting puzzles, but spend most of the time watching the narratives. Easily solved and ends suddenly.

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Story runs out of steam
by Kathleen Reid, USA - Oct 13th 2010

I thought the hidden object portions were challenging. The graphics in these scenes are complex and interesting. The story itself is a little odd with strange printed dialogs juxtaposed with actually heard dialog (why?). Other puzzle parts were interesting too. Seems like they wrapped this up in a hurry. But price was right so all in all I can recommend.

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Needs work
by Anna, Belgium - Oct 13th 2010

Having someone beta-test your game is a good idea.

It might be fun to play, if the characters would stop blinking and disappearing from the screen. Playing with invisible toons on a forced screen resolution of about 600x800 is not enjoyable enough for me to consider buying it.

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A Niche filed ... Almost
by Elias Chapelle, USA - Oct 12th 2010

It is hard not to like this game. It fills a niche long absent for Mac gamers and it became one of my favorite games because the of the subject matter and ease of play. The problems with the game have been written about elsewhere but none of them are really significant - sound corruption, java based app runs hot, and so on. The only real problem with CEAW is on a more basic level and with any other game would merit a 2 star rating rather an a 4 star. And here it is: No matter how you play this game, the game follows a pre-determined script of events which cannot be altered no matter if you play single or multi-player, i.e., Germany always invades the USSR, the USSR always attacks Germany, the German navy is either ineffectual or impossible to beat depending on the mode of play you choose, and so on. Despite these faults it is still a great game.

UPDATE: I still play this great game and find it very enjoyable. Scripting faults have all been fixed thanks to the game's fan base who have re-written the game and have greatly expanded it. It is up to version 3.10 [soon to be released will be version 3.20) and the update is free. The original price of the game has also been reduced to $29.99 if you purchase from the game's original developers.
And one final note. This game runs perfectly under newer Mac OSs. I use OS 10.11.3. Like the companion Game Commander: Napoleon at War, the problem was with Java, not the game itself.

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Suburban Tomb Raider
by Chelsea Umholtz, USA - Oct 12th 2010

Anyone who enjoys a good puzzle, with an attractive protagonist to boot, should try this game out. While there aren't as many brain benders as there are treasure hunts, it's still a highly addictive game. Wonderful graphics, and unique background music.

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Assassin's Creed II
by X1-Bot, Canada - Oct 11th 2010

The game itself is fairly good, but I can't give this a good review because of it's poor performance on my brand new macbook pro. It's an i7 with a fairly good card and even at 800x600 resolution the game runs like crap. It crashes too. I almost wonder if the game I bought is a native mac game or just some kind of port?

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Cute but short
by Dawn Johnson, USA - Oct 11th 2010

I purchased this game and I did enjoy it, but I felt that I won it too quickly. Some of the levels did give a measure of challenge and the game ran smoothly. I wish it would have lasted a bit longer!

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Very Good Game
by casual gamer, USA - Oct 10th 2010

This is one of my favorite hidden object/puzzle games. It was my first experience with panning scene controls. After a short adjustment time, I really liked the huge hidden object scenes available with these controls. The Victorian SciFi atmosphere is perfect for this story. Miranda and Sprocket make an appealing team. The hint system works fine, but If you need help with any of the puzzles, there are game forums and walkthroughs posted online. The game is not overly difficult, but a few puzzles were challenging. I really enjoyed this one, and am looking forward to playing the recently released sequel "The Hidden World".

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Entertaining and Challenging
by Millner, USA - Oct 9th 2010

One of the better Youda products. I downloaded this game awhile ago and still come back and play it. The levels are progressively more challenging where some games falter. Fun music, good graphics, and realistic sushi items. Very enjoyable. Doesn't get 5 stars only because once you max out on the gadget upgrades earlier than I would want.

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Exactly how it should be and more
by Millner, USA - Oct 9th 2010

This game is great. The animation, sound, and game play are all spot on for this classic. Very enjoyable and exceeds expectations for a virtual board game from your youth. Definitely worth a free 1-hr trial. I bought it and find it helps pass the time on trips.

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by Millner, USA - Oct 9th 2010

Really wanted to advance after the 1hr trial, so I bought the game. I haven't played it since. The mouse actions were difficult to perform on a Mac track pad.

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Great horror games
by Shaitan, USA - Oct 9th 2010

Aside from some rather quirky UI issues (always a pet peeve of mine), these are some of the best horror games ever. The stories and ambience really get creepy. Don't fight...hide and run!!!!

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