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The Magician's Handbook: Cursed Valley Icon
by Jennie Morgan, USA - Feb 15th 2009

Interesting and challenging - the handpainted scenes made it hard to find items at first, but once you located them they remained in the same spot. The mini games, especially the flying spell words were nicely done. I haven't done the harder level yet, but I will. Worth the cost.

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World Mosaics Icon
Different and fun
by Jennie Morgan, USA - Feb 15th 2009

I enjoyed this game very much - challenging and not like other games out there - try it out.

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National Geographic Presents Herod's Lost Tomb Icon
Easy and too long
by Jennie Morgan, USA - Feb 15th 2009

This would be a good beginner's hidden object game - the objects are mostly easy to find, and a special satillite shows the outline of objects making them even easier to spot. The mini games are very few and far between and easy also. The photography and story are nicely done. I wanted this game to be over way before it was, though. Good for Nat. Geo's first try.

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Rooms: The Main Building Icon
Cursor bug
by Jennie Morgan, USA - Feb 15th 2009

I have downloaded this game three times and have never been able to play it - the game doesn't seem to recognize my mouse cursor, so I can't sign in and start - I also can't quit the game. Makes it very difficult to play... Looks like it would be interesting if one could get to the actual game.

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Jewel Quest III Icon
Disappointing is a compliment
by Tom Lewis, Canada - Feb 14th 2009

I was expecting some complex gameplay, but there is none in this drab and repetitive scenario. The very least that the developers should have been careful with, was to make the tiles different enough to differentiate between them. Is that too much to ask? Late night players will be squinting and asking themselves "Is that a face, or a mask?"

As well, no rewards or points for anything. Match five ... that's nice ... we don't care ... no points, no soup for you! No power tiles to earn, nothing but the monotonous ordeal of trying to shift a destructo-melto tile into position. Lame. And the trumpet in the background ... oy!

There are far more compelling match-three games at Mac Game Store than this. I'm not even an avid gamer, but I'd take Deep Blue Sea over this any day.

Try again Jewel-Quest. This time make it fun.

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4 Elements Icon
Fun until...
by Robert Roth, USA - Feb 14th 2009

A fun game for fans of this genre and the water-flow element seems new to me BUT... after playing almost all of the levels we are suddenly presented with a speed challenge.

This is not my style, and 97% of the way through the game is NOT the time to start changing the rules.

Bad move in designing what was otherwise a very enjoyable game. Guess I won't find out how it ends.

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Kult: Heretic Kingdoms Icon
Not sure what's with the one star reviews...
by Nick Pressey, USA - Feb 14th 2009

I played through most of this game and found it to be a very enjoyable experience. It's no Diablo 2, but the gameplay is better than most isometric ARPGs, and it definitely has one of the better stories I've seen in high fantasy games. The music is great too, and though the graphics are arguably "dated", I personally think they're quite beautiful.

-Good atmosphere and storytelling
-Unique ability and healing systems
-Pretty straightforward interface
-Loot drops that actually make sense

-Not enough unique items
-Battle strategies become a bit simplistic
-Main character is, though well written, not easy to identify with
-Dreamworld is disappointingly lacking in content

Rating: 4/5, giving it 5 stars to balance out some of the one-star crap. People, one star reviews should be reserved for shovelware and extremely buggy stuff, not games you simply don't like.

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City of Heroes Mac Special Edition Icon
A fantastic superhero experience
by David McMillen, Canada - Feb 13th 2009

City of Heroes/Villains is rip-roaring, cape-flapping fun, and it's finally available for the (Intel) Mac! It's a massively-multiplayer online game, which explains why there's no demo available: you get a month's subscription with your purchase of the client, and that's essentially your "demo". The players are friendly and helpful to newcomers (even on the villain side, oddly enough), and the sheer degree of customization possible in your powers and your personal appearance is breath-taking. Want to shoot fireballs, control plants, sheath yourself in protective ice, have a wolf head, be a vampire? You can do any or all of those (not all at once, of course). Teams are normally easy to find and a blast to play in: the combined powers of several different hero types are always much more effective than any individual alone. Great fun for any fan of comics: it really does give you that "playing a comic book" feeling.

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Jewel Match 2 Icon
Geneforge 5: Overthrow Icon
Proof that an interesting story trumps the latest graphics
by Jan Nedelka, USA - Feb 12th 2009

All the Geneforge games are a pleasure to play, and Geneforge 5 is no different. Gameplay is long, and the side quests can get complicated, adding to the depth of play. The player has some liberty with choices, and they are more complex than Angelic/Pure Evil. While players can jump straight to Geneforge 5, they will enjoy some of the backstory and cameos from earlier games if they have played 1-4. Highly recommended!

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Hoyle Card Games 2009 Icon
Nice elements
by Artistic_JC, Canada - Feb 11th 2009

OK as in the first post I would have to agree with some. Sucks that there are less games but the new additions to backgrounds is nice and the over all feel. If you have neither 2008 or 2009 i'd go with 2008 do to the fact it has more games and options. But the really great thing about the 2009 is the online feature. I've already met some nice people have being playing card games with them on a daily bases. I'd recommend both.

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Governor of Poker Icon
Eschalon: Book I Icon
Escalon Great Game
by Richard Cox, USA - Feb 10th 2009

I have played many demos, but purchased full games over the years. This is one I game I really recommend. Lots of quests, some of which aren't necessary to finish the game. I like the slow play of a turn-based RPG. Can't wait for Book II

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Dream Day Honeymoon Icon
Escape The Museum Icon
Very Challenging
by Tom Lewis, Canada - Feb 9th 2009

I liked a lot about this game, especially the combination of hidden objects and escape challenges. This is not for first-timers of hidden objects, though. These objects are obscured by other objects, but one tip is that your cursor will "pulsate" if you hover over the object for more than a second. The voice-overs and script were a bit gaggy but still a break from the action. My first escape took thirteen hours total, but it was great fun.

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Deep Blue Sea Icon
Top Notch Game
by Tom Lewis, Canada - Feb 9th 2009

This is the best match 3+ game I've ever played. Graphics are great, thank goodness the sound effects are pleasant, and the music is up-tempo and motivating. I like how you have to earn your power-ups, and you can buy tanks of air, or anything else.

It won't take long before you get to understand strategic play, like making matches that power up the device you need to move your treasures.

This game keeps you on your toes, makes you think on the run, and is thoroughly friendly, exciting and enjoyable.

I recommend it for all ages.

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Hoyle Card Games 2009 Icon
No significant changes!
by Montgomery A. Lee, USA - Feb 9th 2009

Geez, will this company ever learn to fix the bugs. The same bugs are there year after year. The randomizer is broken, and so like previous versions, you get the same set of hands over and over. You have to repeatedly select a game and leave to start getting some new hands. While the "talk" feature may be fun, the game still does not know what "serious" means, as the players just yak away mindlessly regardless of that setting. And the old background bug (backgrounds don't update) is still there. Frankly, I can't see any improvements-just the addition of a game or two. You still cannot edit the rules for most games. You still cannot pick whether players get 26 or you get -26 in hearts when you run them. And so on. If you've got an older version, just stick with it as there is nothing new here, and the bugs are not fixed.

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Hoyle Casino 2009 Icon
Bad game
by Christopher Knutson, USA - Feb 9th 2009

it isn't good on slot machine or video porker.. i like old one better.

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Great Game
by TG, USA - Feb 9th 2009

Fate is one of the classic rpg games. I would rate it 5 stars; it has all the aspects to be the best game of the century, action, adventure, and quirkyness. The action is obviously the intimate and exciting fighting, the adventure is the countless quests the game offers, and the quirkyness is the fishing and turning your loyal pet companion into anything you catch. Overall this is a great game and anyone who reads this should really consider trying it out.

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Youda Farmer Icon
Great graphics and fun play!
by Celeste Christie, USA - Feb 9th 2009

I was really blown away with the graphics on this game almost immediately! The farm and houses are really cute and detailed, and there's no slowing due to graphics loading. It's a different style than other farm time-management games I've played - you pick up farm items in your truck and then deliver them. Very simple game, but rewarding.

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