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Good Solid Game
by K.Baillie, Canada - Aug 8th 2008

It strikes just the right balance between action and strategy!!
It is a unique game and very enjoyable. As you do battle your ships will take damage but you can assign crewmen to different tasks to fix. My one complaint is I found single player campaign to be just a bit too short, but multiplayer is great. It is great fun and easy to switch gears and would have rated it far higher if it was a bit longer.

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by KEVIN BRIAN, Canada - Aug 8th 2008

Great game to play, lots of action, not too difficult but not too easy either. Single player campaign is a blast but not long enough. Woul be awesome if it had lasted longer but still lots of action. Multiplayer is good though! Good controls make it easy to switch between functions. Although all the battles in the game are SEA battles there are enough variety in the battles to make each one unique. Great game multiplayer, great game all around, just make single player longer next time. STILL DEF.

worth the money and you wll have a great time playing. I would rate it an 8/10

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My standard
by Donna Wright, USA - Aug 8th 2008

This game has become the standard that I hold other games to. I found some of the puzzles a little too challenging, mostly because of the limited directions and the hints were not very helpful in those puzzles.

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Best of the Hidden Object Games
by RobinCandace, USA - Aug 8th 2008

This was the most enjoyable of the hidden object games I've played. Unlike others, it had a quite engaging story guiding you through, and I found it had a very nice mix of challenging puzzles along with more typical object search sessions.

I play these games for relaxation after a hard day at work, so I really liked the fact that there is no time pressure (I can take as long as I like or even stop in the middle and pick it up later), and that the Hints feature allows me to get out of tough spot when I'm tired of racking my brain.

Very nice job. I would like more like this one!

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Haunted Hotel
by LunaNik, USA - Aug 7th 2008

I hesitate to criticize, because I'm unable to create such games. However, the graphics were poorly Photoshopped (the doors looked "pasted" on the walls rather than filling openings, the same items were in every room, and the perspective was mostly off). There was a lot of text between scenes, mostly in extremely poor English. As to gameplay, at times one item was so completely behind another that it was impossible to find without using a hint. I wouldn't recommend this game, but I would recommend that the creator refine his skills before releasing another.

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Dream Chronicles 2
by LunaNik, USA - Aug 7th 2008

I found DC2 to be an improvement over DC1 because (1) the jewels had a purpose; (2) all the annoying text that accompanied finding each jewel was gone; (3) the puzzles were more difficult. A great game for relaxing; the graphics are stunningly gorgeous and the music is lovely. Can't wait for the third installment!

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Hidden Secrets: The Nightmare
by LunaNik, USA - Aug 7th 2008

I didn't mind or have trouble with the mini-games, except for one of the ones where you have to connect the roads. There's a bug, as it's impossible to complete; you have to skip it. I thought the overall story was decent, and the graphics had kind of a comic book creepy feel to them.

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Great game if you have the hardware
by Taylor Romero, USA - Aug 7th 2008

I don't know why people are saying the graphics are bad, I thought they were great for a $20 game. Heck, they are great for any dollar game. I'd love to be able to max everything out here, but my Mac Book Pro can't handle it.

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Challenging Gme
by Sandy Allenson, USA - Aug 6th 2008

This is not your mother's seek and find. The puzzles are equal to Azada and some to the maze at the end of Dream Chronicles 2. The graphics are very good and you better think outside the box when interpreting the clues. You are a better man than I am if you can get through it on the first try. Talk to yourself, blink, move around and don't use your hints too soon. The clock does not penalize and in some scenarios will reward you if you are fast. More like this, please.

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Excellent Game
by misztal, Poland - Aug 5th 2008

Many cars, Beautiful tracks and cool model destruction will keep you playing this game very, very long. U can play career, championship, and time trial modes. One bad thing is that you can't crash & bump other cars, u can see only a "ghost car", but game is still wonderful.

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Good for beginners
by Kenneth Cohen, Canada - Aug 5th 2008

This version of Sudoku is suitable for beginners. If you're an experienced player looking for a challenge, look elsewhere. The "expert" level is no harder than "moderate".

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average for me
by John M Kerns, USA - Aug 5th 2008

Dunno - the same the same the same. I like the hi-tech 2142 kinda stuff

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great value for your dollar and lots of gameplay
by KEVIN BRIAN, Canada - Aug 5th 2008

I just finished another game and it took me 4 hours. JEWEL QUEST III does not stray two far from the first and each level offers different challenges. YOU can also play in tournament mode. It is plenty long enough and you can replay and game or level in it. Some parts are quite difficult and have a short time limit. I found myself replaying them till i beat them. It is very nice that the gameplay changes with every continent. I found there was noway I could play right through at once and my brain had to take some breaks lol.Def. worth the money in gametime and difficulty. I just wish they would give you a bit more of a time limit. The story is not it's strong point. It is the gameplay. I am hooked enough to make sure I finish it after many breaks!

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very well done
by Kevin Dockery, USA - Aug 5th 2008

Really excellent sound track and impressive graphics. I have find some of the game hints a little arcane, but there are forums on the web if you need them. Highly recommended!

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Women's Murder Club: Death In Scarlet Icon
Loved Women's Murder Club..
by Mary E. Friedman, USA - Aug 3rd 2008

This was the best game that I have purchased online! The art work was super, the music very good, and the puzzles were so much fun! I would love more by this group. I will replay this game in a month or so when I have forgotten the solutions to many of the puzzles...........!

More of this type PLEASE!!!

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Beautifully Simple
by Rachel Jones, USA - Aug 3rd 2008

This game is addictive. Everything about it is fairly simple, but it just works really well. The progression of the story keeps the different levels interesting even though the concept remains much the same. And even though you can figure out strategies that work best for various levels, there is a lot of replay value because of the unpredictable movement of the various potential foodstuffs.

Fun for grownups. As far as kids go, definitely fun, no "adult" content, and no graphic violence. People get eaten in some levels, but in a cartoon-like, bloodless way - not really different from the amoebas or asteroids but just part of the food chain. Some educational value (notwithstanding the alien motherships, etc.)

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Stay away from this one
by Fran├žois Grenier, Canada - Aug 1st 2008

Just bought this game and almost all puzzles are impossible to complete. Unlimited shuffles is a lie! The only way to shuffle the tiles is to restart all over again and lose a life in the process. Very frustrating and so not recommended.

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