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The MUST HAVE game.
by Kane Mitten, USA - Jun 6th 2009

If you buy one game from MGA, buy this one. It's 5 stars all the way. I can't believe this is an indie game - Mr. Blow, I salute you! The stellar soundtrack and the beautiful art, the sad but true story, plus the crazy yet awesome gameplay mechanics make this game almost PERFECT!

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by Gene Bechen, USA - Jun 5th 2009

This is a beatiful looking game with fantastic music. Difficult puzzles as well. Must have.

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Flyboys Squadron
by Bud Little, USA - Jun 5th 2009

The worst game EVER - shame on selling this to anyone!

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Really well done.
by RichardIII, Canada - Jun 4th 2009

I played this game on the PC and the Mac version is slightly better for graphics. A real fun game to play with challenging and engaging puzzles. There are excellent cut scenes and a good story. the puzzles make sense for the most part and there are plenty of terrrific locations. A must have for any adventure game player and well worth the price.

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Ocean Express
by Jane Heath, Wales - Jun 4th 2009

This is a great game. The whole family love playing it and it's one of those games to keep going back to so it's really good value for money

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Nothing To It
by Connie Hunsinger, USA - Jun 4th 2009

I loved the preview and was so excited to continue on. Little did I know that I had nearly finished the game! Fun while it lasted, but it didn't last more than a couple hours. There have got to be better games out there. I'm very disappointed with Big Fish...they usually have great games!

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non violent adventure!
by ladawna howard, USA - Jun 1st 2009

A very light game that doesn't include any timing - so you an play at your own pace. No violence or death - the game involves collecting parts of food, clothing or flower bouquet recipes; Or items such as rocks, gems or other parts for friendly folks on the island to make gadgets, or for you to repair your own hot air balloon and eventually get home. I recommend it for someone looking for a light escape without too much mental work involved, and most definately for your grade school age kids. Although it is easy, it does have various levels of tasks that build, and the game feels like it always has a little more to explore. Can keep a child entertained for many many hours.

A cute animal stays with you to help you dig things up from the ground, climb trees for fruits and nuts, or 'charm' other animals into giving you additional items. Sometimes an animal will give you an egg that you can incubate at the stable, and then switch out to that more interesting, stronger or simply cuter animal.

Click on the people on the island to find out what they want, and bring it to them to build friendship points and get something in return (more money for your adventures, recipes for more items, or parts for your balloon repair). The navigation mechanism is sometimes seems a little clumsy (the screen moves only and every time your character moves, so you can't click or move around just to look around, if that makes any sense) And the multiple clicking of the characters that is sometimes needed is a little annoying.

This game is super easy, not strategic (no "real" puzzles to solve) but somehow it was still a ton of fun just to click around, explore, collect and deliver items. I would guess over 20 hours of entertainment at least to fulfill the key "puzzles" (to repair your balloon) but you can spend additional time by taking your time and exploring around, making extra recipes and flower arrangements to up your friendship levels, etc.

Non violent gameplay - you build and create rather than destry or compete. I noticed after a while, even all the recipes you are making are vegetarian! Good for children maybe ages 6 through 11 though the younger ones might need a little hlep, or for someone like me (an adult who sometimes wants a break from shooting and from thinking too hard) Probably a perfect game to play WITH your young child - they can do all the clicking and never really mess up, and you can point out helpful ideas and you will also enjoy it for quite a while.

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highly irritating
by becky runk, USA - Jun 1st 2009

you might as well just play the demo over and over. after you get the tomato and potato farms, its almost impossible to play. too bad they didnt put as much work into the strategy of the game as they did with the graphics.

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Great Game - Worth the Money
by Oz Bryan Suguitan, USA - Jun 1st 2009

This is a great game that is definitely worth the money.

Space Trader reminds me of Escape Velocity, except in first person, and without the space battles. You won't miss them though, because the first person bounty hunting is just as much fun.

You will find that you can easily get through all of the three enounters, however, it is worth your time to try to get better and better at each challenge scenario to unlock conversations with different folks. It's one of those games that you can enjoy playing over and over again to get to an even better score.

It's deep enough that you can play for hours, but can be played quick enough for short half hour spurts if you don't have a lot of time. There aren't very many games that have that kind of flexibility of fun.

The only way it could be better is if this game was priced at $9.99 like Space Trader: Marine Merchant on the PC.

I can wholeheartedly recommend this game!

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fun light hearted game
by KEVIN BRIAN, Canada - May 29th 2009

nice light theme yet many challenges along the way. I enjoyed it very much. As light as the theme is some of the challenges were quite hard. A ton of fun

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3 Days: Zoo Mystery Icon
Fun Game
by K.Baillie, Canada - May 28th 2009

This game had a great sense of humour and plenty to do! Yes it is a H/O game but they shake up the formula quite a bit. Besides looking for h/o you interrogate suspects and even do a little breaking and entering. About halfway through the game you receive a device to help you move and look under couches etc. I thoroughly enjoyed this game, finding it light hearted and fun but with enough challenge. I def. recommend it.

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good representation, needs a few tweaks
by John M. Albergo, USA - May 27th 2009

Nice representation of the board game. I would like to see a few upgrades though

- token animations get old after awhile, let user turn them off
- represent the actual amount of money and denominations when money changes hands
-remember more about my player besides the name. Remember my token, and statistics.
-computer players are suckers for trading railroads.

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Fun while it lasted
by ivy dingle, USA - May 27th 2009

The game was too short but graphics is excellent like the past two games. I had no problem playing the game like the other player said. I do recommend for you to buy especially if you want to know what happens.

I hope there would be more to come...- you will know what I mean.

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Too Short
by Jill Garrett, USA - May 26th 2009

The game has excellent graphics and is really fun. It is WAY too short, though. It's ashame that it doesn't last longer than it does.

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by James Christopher Sagebiel, USA - May 26th 2009

One level. Plays like a demo. The controls are clumsy. Definitely not worth paying for.

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Waste of time
by Alberta Kasperavicius, USA - May 26th 2009

The music was sporadic, and the graphics were terrible. A good idea very poorly executed.

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Worthy successor
by Jennie Morgan, USA - May 26th 2009

This game is a worthwhile follow up to the previous two Dream Chronicle games - again it is beautiful to look at, has interesting puzzles, not too difficult, but like many other games of this type, it is too short. Enjoyable though.

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