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by Lee Lee Truong, USA - May 19th 2009

You are basically the parent... teaching your children when and what to do. Eat, Prepare meals, go to the restroom, shower, sleep, nap, turn off the TV, work, play, make babies. etc.

Like the description says "Playing in Real time"

If you enjoy simulation games you might like this... if you want a game that has more going on you might want to try something else.

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Great graphics but frustrating
by abcherb, USA - May 19th 2009

When I downloaded the demo, I thought this game would be fun, but once I played to the level of getting a dairy farm I can't get any farther. The game moves faster than I'm able to play it and there is no way to slow it down for those of us who aren't lightening fast. This makes it frustrating rather than relaxing and enjoyable. I'm very disappointed and frustrated with this game. I wish I could play it longer, but I'm stuck!

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by charles chambaz, Switzerland - May 17th 2009

Je viens de l'acheter... et avec ma fille de 6 ans (moi j'en ai 44!), on est dj compltement accro!! C'est vrai que le principe est "simple" mais c'est souvent les meilleurs jeux d'arcade (comme le Tetris): ds qu'on commence on peut plus s'arrter!!! En tout cas je le conseille tous les fanas de ce genre de jeu de "destruction logique"

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Cute, fun game
by Goldie Gibbs, USA - May 17th 2009

Really cute, fun and relaxing - I loved the tasks that you had to do. I wish there were more games like this.

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Simply astounding.
by John Christopher Allen, USA - May 17th 2009

I've been hooked from the first time I played through the game - very difficult to describe the gameplay, but suffice it to say that it's very addictive, the graphics and sounds are very haunting, and the stories within as the "red riding hoods" confront their "wolves" are very touching and often sad. There is a running theme throughout the game of losing innocence / reaching childhood's end, and the artists who created the game succeeded in creating a haunting journey that is as much fun to play as it is to watch. Well done indeed - can't wait to see their next creation!

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by Roberto Valerio, Germany - May 15th 2009

You should really tra this one! I loved the demo. Well, I would buy it immedaitely for $15. $25 is quite steep :)

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Animated Breakout
by BU2B, USA - May 15th 2009

The best animated breakout game to date for the Mac. Nice Fluid graphics. Extensive replayability. Great sound. You can't go wrong with this one. The most entertaining breakout game I have ever played, Mac or otherwise. Simple, but addictive... FANTASTIC value!

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I live vicariously
by Andrea MacIntyre, Australia - May 15th 2009

We really enjoyed this one. Interesting story lines and suspects. Bonus' a bit of a waste of time though. A few clunky bits of game play but overall, well worth the effort. Good value for money and enjoyable experience. I agree that 10 cases would have been more like it

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FATE Fills a Niche
by Aaron Dyck, USA - May 13th 2009

Fate does exactly what it intends to do - fills the niche between exhausting, life and relationship-ending RPG's, and those lesser casual games that one can take or leave.

Its pretty, everything works, theres thousands of weapons, armours, potions, spells, you name it. You can't get board with the inventory.

You CAN get bored with the scenery: every level looks basically the same, and there is a tremendous amount of running around IF you don't figure out how to move with efficiency. There are ways to cut down on the running, and you can generally guess the layout of the dungeon after a time, and learn how to fight your way in a circuit that ends near the stairwell (exit).

Its complicated enough to make you excited you got your level 40, gem-encrusted, flaming sword, but simple enough that you can play for hours, forget about it for a month, come back, and pick up where you left off and be glad of this niche-filling little gem of a game.

It is what it is, and its pretty fun to kill an hour with once a week.

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luxor 3
by Pedro Neves Ribeiro, Brazil - May 13th 2009


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For a Retired Old Mac Coot, it is fantastic
by Kenneth Kump, USA - May 13th 2009

Love the game. For once a good rpg type game that I, a 65 year old coot with poor eye and coordination can play successfully.

thanks for the game. Keep more like this coming for us old folks .

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by Jane Heath, Wales - May 13th 2009

Ok, so being a fan of lemmings I jumped at this game. Four levels in and I'm already stuck! The trouble with this game is there are far more workers than the original Lemmings and a couple of them are hard to control. Having said that the graphics are gorgeous and if you loved the original Lemmings and your co-ordination is better than mine then then you should love it! Hard to give it a rating cos I can't get far enough!

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