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by Mike Bullington, USA - Sep 20th 2008

I've had none of the problems the previous reviewer mentioned, so far. A very nicely done and quality game.

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Love the game, but it's so unstable.
by John Foster, USA - Sep 20th 2008

I played it once, and then could never start another new game. It wouldn't even get to the 'select nationality' part of character creation. The whole Mac would freeze to the point where I had to hard-shutdown.

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Very Fun!
by Kate Bringe, USA - Sep 20th 2008

If you like Diablo and Diablo II then you'll probably like Fate. Gameplay is very similar but with slightly more cartoonish graphics. It seems more geared toward everyone instead of those of us who like to see blood and guts, but it didn't detract from the overall gameplay.

If you're a cheater beware! Not all cheat codes work with this version of the game.

For $20 I would rate it a solid buy if you like to play this type of game. If you're a hardcore WoWer, then it may not be your cup of Thunderbrew.

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One of the best games out there
by Sarah Lynn Gray, USA - Sep 20th 2008

I started playing this game as the PC version several years back whenever I went to my grandparent's house. The graphics were some of the best I have ever seen. I've played a lot of different RPGs and I have never been so addicted in my life. The gameplay is similar to a lot of other RPGs (you gain XP, you fight monsters, you go on quests), but the difference is your environmental interactions. It really feels like you're in a dungeon (aside from the moldy smell).

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Not yet ready for prime time
by Jan Fuellemann, Germany - Sep 20th 2008

Do not buy this game yet - it looks good, but still needs some fixes. Here is why:

a) In any text and in front and/or at the end of any number you see a very annoying \010 appearing. This makes it impossible to see how much gold you just need to buy something and annoying to read e.g. the intro.

b) When you quit the game, it will *not* restore your desktop icons. You have to reset them yourself and that is a no-do for any app on the Mac. Did they never test it on their machines?

c) The sound quits abruptly for a few seconds if you level up or another action comes up. IT sounds like one speaker gone and is defenitely a very bad interruption of the game atmosphere.

A promising game which was -again- released too early and had not seen any final testing. The customers have to pay for the shortsight game management. Buy it when the bugs are fixed. Then it will definitely shorten your wait for Diablo III.

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Love this game
by Tana and Ron Ruyle, USA - Sep 16th 2008

It was challenging and fun with only one player at a time. It continued to get harder. As it got harder you had to figure out what would get you to the next level; like breaking all the ice and making long chains before your time ran out.

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Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects Icon
Love this game
by Tana and Ron Ruyle, USA - Sep 16th 2008

My husband and I play this game for hours together. The seek and find items change when you repeat a scene which keep things exciting. This game is challenging and things are cleverly hidden. Can't say enough good things about this game. We've had it 1 1/2 to 2 years and aren't tired of it yet.

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What A Great Game !
by Josh Harrison, New Zealand - Sep 16th 2008

I Love This Game I Play This Game Every Day !

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Ancient Quest of Saqqarah Icon
Very original match 3
by KEVIN BRIAN, Canada - Sep 14th 2008

Great game.......good graphics, original gameplay, hours upon hours of play. GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY. I would have to say it is now my favourite MATCH 3 out there.

Timed or relaxed play. I am still playing it!

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G2 - Geeks Unleashed Icon
Are you kidding with this game?
by Linda Rosenfield, USA - Sep 13th 2008

I'm an avid casual game player. You might even say I'm a geek. And I have never been so disappointed in a game purchase as I was with G2-Geeks Unleashed. First, obviously made for 5 yr olds, which is cool, if you say that in the description. Second, this game was SO SHORT that if I hadn't let the hour trial run out because I was distracted and left the game up on my computer for an hour...I would have beaten it in that hour. My bad. But the game makers and the Mac store should really try to be less obvious when making a very shallow game that isn't even close to a $20 value. Don't bother with this game, trust me. You'll just up angry!

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Blood Ties Icon
by Lance Tanaka, USA - Sep 13th 2008

Not quite up to par with releases "James Pattersons Women's Murder Club" or "Agatha Christie's Peril At End House". Both of which are the high benchmarks for games of this type.

Object finding is far too easy as items are virtually sitting out in the open. Little effort is required by the player. And sorely missed in Blood Ties are the fun 'mini-games', which transitions as bonus rounds in the other two games mentioned.

Also, there's really no story to support the game. Each level is identical to the previous with no sense that the player is 'moving forward' to gain or work toward a substantive resolution.

I suppose watching the tv show enhances the enjoyment. But as a standalone game, far too pedestrian with little payoff for the time spent.

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Game is ok, but crashes after awhile.
by Troy Eckert, USA - Sep 13th 2008

The game play and everything is fine, nothing spectacular. But the game constantly crashes after a few hours of play, very annoying. The demo did not do this. Only lasted an hour, so of course it wouldn't. Contacted the publisher and developer, no response, so consider yourself warned.

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Women's Murder Club: Death In Scarlet Icon
Way too short
by Angela Thomas, USA - Sep 13th 2008

The graphics and puzzles were pretty good, but the game was too short. I finished it in a couple of hours. I am really disappointed - a wasted of my money!

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Brave Dwarves: Back for Treasures Icon
They picked Dopey to get the treasure?
by Sheila Greenberg, USA - Sep 13th 2008

The other dwarves are too smart to waste their time in this "adventure" because they realize that the they'll die of boredom long before they can get out of the mine with the treasures. So, Dopey must be the poor sap stuck in this game. Dopey and, of course, us. The keyboard interaction is clumsy and awkward, causing you to die (a lot!) from fumbled fingers. The monster movement is jerky, which only adds to your character's death rate because your weapon is equally erratic. And, of course, when you die, you appear at the start of the level, very frustrating as the levels get longer. So, when you finally realize that you don't care if Dopey is stuck in the mine forever, give yourself a break and quit out of the game.

It's too late for me but save yourselves from this torture. It's not worth wasting your bandwidth on.

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Icon
This is the best game I have ever played
by Justin James Kyscope, USA - Sep 13th 2008

I bought this game for my birthday because I am a HUGE Starwars fan. I have played World of Warcraft, Runescape, Final Fantasy, Everquest, and any other roleplaying game imaginable. I have also played all the star wars games (Jedi outcast, jedi knight jedi academy, etc.) This is the best game I have ever played.!!!!! Period.No. Exclamation!!!!!!!! If you like to play computer games, like Starwars, or like roleplaying games, then this is a must have.

Create your own character, including class, appearance, light or dark etc.

Your actions affect whether you are light or dark

Amazing re-playability, so many options, so many decisions.

Choose your force powers depending on alignment, create your own lightsaber

Fun tutorial

Immersive gameplay

Great graphics, gameplay, and sound

Requires thinking, not just button pressing. You have to choose your actions before a fight, and if you begin to lose the edge of the fight, just choose different actions! So much strategy involved, not just luck or how fast/how many times you can press a button.

Once again, this is will be the best game you have ever played. You will never EVER regret buying this product. A MUST HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) :-) :-)

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