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Solitaire Antics Ultimate
by anita deighton, Canada - Sep 27th 2008

..."ant"-ics animation during play can sometimes be annoying. but you have the option to not use it.....Doesn't have game demo feature, and doesn't show how to use "Favorites"...overall a good solitaire game, lots of variations

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Works Great on a Mac Mini!
by Scott Szczypiorski, USA - Sep 27th 2008

It's great to have a reasonably priced RPG that works on a Mac Mini. This is like an enhanced clone of Diablo 1. You don't have to turn off the graphics extras to enjoy it! I'm running Leopard on an Intel Mac Mini. The only 'con' is that my system can only run it at 1024x768 resolution, but it's still great fun. Great value for how much fun this is. My thanks to developers and Macgamestore for making this available!

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Buy something else
by Jane Newall, USA - Sep 25th 2008

At first I thought this game would be kind of fun. But i got bored and finished the game very quickly. Not much variety of gameplay. Just find differences. Minigames do not add to game play. I felt I wasted my money.

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The Great Tree
by Stella Hannah, USA - Sep 25th 2008

This is a fun a fun and challenging game to play. The graphics and music can help you get to zen. The ONLY complaint I have is there should be a an information page to show the player HOW TO use their different powers and show the different power-up symbols, what each does and how to use them, i.e., left mouse button, right mouse button.

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More boring than cleaning a toilet
by Timothy Bowen, USA - Sep 25th 2008

This game is just tedious. The only good part is the creature creator which you can have for free. That part is pretty amazing. Otherwise it's dull. Seems like games I've played before stitched together with some kind of bogus idea of evolution. It just doesn't work. There is no gameplay here that hasn't been done much better elsewhere.

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Diablo II Lite
by Shane Goodwin, USA - Sep 22nd 2008

This game is great. Anyone who liked the gameplay of Diablo II, will like this game. Diablo II players can jump right in and feel at home. The cartoonish graphics are no detraction from the game, it just keeps things a bit more 'fantasy', without the blood and guts. It's very addictive!

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Great game, lousy port
by Paul M. Lambert, USA - Sep 22nd 2008

The game itself is great. I would give it five stars, if I could. Reminds me a lot of Diablo!

However, the first time I played, it overheated my Macbook Pro and caused it to shut down due to the temp.

It "plays poorly with others" and uses 100% of a CPU core all the time. Even when in the background, at the main menu. Insane!

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Unique Game
by Lori Buchanan, USA - Sep 20th 2008

This is one of my favorite casual games! If you enjoy designing rooms in The Sims, then I recommend Home Sweet Home. It brings out my artistic side.

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by KATHY KEELER, Canada - Sep 20th 2008

This is one game you definitely cannot say is too short. I have been playing it now for just over a week and I am not even a quarter of the way through. Starts out easy enough but boy it gets harder as you level up. There are so many different types of powerup games within this game. I find I try to conquer one at a time while you are in the mode of that game. I highly recommend it for both it's lengthy play value and variety of puzzles. I would almost say it is even too long to finish lol, just because I keep playing into the wee hours.

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Game is Life - fun but repetitive
by Christopher Sasse, USA - Sep 20th 2008

The Game of LIFE Path to Success falls in the same category as Burger Shop - testing your ability to handle a multitude of tasks and occasionally providing mini-games to break up the monotony.
The early rounds and the ability to customize your game piece were cute and thoroughly enjoyed by my 5 year old and me. 2/3 into the game it becomes incredibly challenging but repetitive.
The sound is very good but the replay factor is low. An average game overall.

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by Mike Bullington, USA - Sep 20th 2008

I've had none of the problems the previous reviewer mentioned, so far. A very nicely done and quality game.

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Love the game, but it's so unstable.
by John Foster, USA - Sep 20th 2008

I played it once, and then could never start another new game. It wouldn't even get to the 'select nationality' part of character creation. The whole Mac would freeze to the point where I had to hard-shutdown.

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Very Fun!
by Kate Bringe, USA - Sep 20th 2008

If you like Diablo and Diablo II then you'll probably like Fate. Gameplay is very similar but with slightly more cartoonish graphics. It seems more geared toward everyone instead of those of us who like to see blood and guts, but it didn't detract from the overall gameplay.

If you're a cheater beware! Not all cheat codes work with this version of the game.

For $20 I would rate it a solid buy if you like to play this type of game. If you're a hardcore WoWer, then it may not be your cup of Thunderbrew.

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One of the best games out there
by Sarah Lynn Gray, USA - Sep 20th 2008

I started playing this game as the PC version several years back whenever I went to my grandparent's house. The graphics were some of the best I have ever seen. I've played a lot of different RPGs and I have never been so addicted in my life. The gameplay is similar to a lot of other RPGs (you gain XP, you fight monsters, you go on quests), but the difference is your environmental interactions. It really feels like you're in a dungeon (aside from the moldy smell).

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Not yet ready for prime time
by Jan Fuellemann, Germany - Sep 20th 2008

Do not buy this game yet - it looks good, but still needs some fixes. Here is why:

a) In any text and in front and/or at the end of any number you see a very annoying \010 appearing. This makes it impossible to see how much gold you just need to buy something and annoying to read e.g. the intro.

b) When you quit the game, it will *not* restore your desktop icons. You have to reset them yourself and that is a no-do for any app on the Mac. Did they never test it on their machines?

c) The sound quits abruptly for a few seconds if you level up or another action comes up. IT sounds like one speaker gone and is defenitely a very bad interruption of the game atmosphere.

A promising game which was -again- released too early and had not seen any final testing. The customers have to pay for the shortsight game management. Buy it when the bugs are fixed. Then it will definitely shorten your wait for Diablo III.

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