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so awsome
by luke eatmon, Australia - Dec 23rd 2009


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One of the Best!!
by Chris Nutter, USA - Dec 23rd 2009

This game is great if you go to stores a lot. Moms, you would love this game for your mac. It even has games featured on the actual show including, Cliff Hanger, Plinko, and more!!! So I recommend you buy or play the free trial today!!!

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Great game BUT....
by Edward P, USA - Dec 21st 2009

The game looks fantastic and plays well up to a point. At level 4 or 5 it simply freezes. Not just the game mind you but my entire computer. After freezing the 5th time, out of 5 tries I've stopped playing it. Granted I'm just using the demo but I'm not sure I want to buy the full game. Still, if it wern't for the "freezing up my computer so badly I have to cut the power" thing I'd plop down my hard earned $ in a heartbeat.

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Waste of money
by Kim Wilber, USA - Dec 21st 2009

Yeah, I get it: this isn't really a "game" in the traditional sense. In fact, it isn't really a game at all.

All you do is wander around the forest trying to collect a particular kind of flower or certain "artifacts" (like the trucker cap a guy who is chopping wood is wearing), even though the reason for this is never made clear. If you go straight to "grandma's house" or get there before it thinks you should, the game tells you that you've FAILED, even though it never tells you what you are supposed to have accomplished beforehand.
There is a "save" option, however, other than remembering all the little objects you have already collected, you have to start the game over - even having to choose a character - from the beginning every time. There is no way to turn off the annoying music other than to kill the volume on your computer altogether.
The little girl character doesn't seem to do anything other than hug you as long as you'll stand there, or drag you all the way back to "the path" - which is totally annoying since the game clearly wants you to do other things before you get to "grandma's house" - see above. And while the description claims that gameplay is different depending on which character you choose, frankly, I don't see one bit of difference from one character to the next.

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Short but fun
by James Fields, USA - Dec 21st 2009

Machinarium is a game that fits in a genre which has nearly disappeared - the "graphical adventure." In a graphical adventure, you move a character around in a (usually) 2D world, interacting with various objects to further the story line. These aren't "hidden object" games (although they can sometimes feel like it) - the objects are part of the world and make some sort of sense to use.

Machinarium is visually a beautiful game, with a unique style for both the characters and the locations. Character movement is easy and fun to watch.

Generally speaking, the "puzzles" - the objectives you must meet in each location to advance the story - are reasonably balanced. Here and there I found a few to be pretty obscure, and at least once I was unable to see an onscreen object until I accessed the built-in hints - it just blended too well with the background. But overall, they're fun, not too challenging to enjoy, but hard enough to make you think.

If I have a complaint, it's that this game is extremely short. I read somewhere that a player could expect 30 hours of gameplay. I completed the game in about a 3rd of that time. This game costs half of what most games cost these days, so perhaps I am being unfair. However, one of the built-in issues with graphical adventures is that once you're finished, you're *finished* - there is literally no point in replaying the game. Given that fact, this game should have been around $10, or twice as long.

Still, if you want something more interesting than the hidden object games, restaraunt simulators and other assorted junk that seems to fill the Mac gaming shelves, Machinarium may be just your cup of tea. I enjoyed it - as long as it lasted.

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Great Game
by Maciej Pawlowski, Poland - Dec 19th 2009

Great Game

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A very lovely, and brilliant game!
by Mark Sturtevant, USA - Dec 17th 2009

How to describe this lovely game? You play the part of a kind of organic 'mote', maneuvering in a dreamy universe to absorb smaller motes. As you eat, you grow bigger, but as you maneuver, you shrink. Be careful not to touch a larger mote, or it will absorb you! There are several very clever game modes involving different objectives, different laws of physics, and different kinds of 'other' motes - some of which are rather dangerous. The first levels teach you the basic rules of the motey universe, but I found them very intuitive and clever. Later levels become more challenging with new physics and new situations that add a great deal of depth to this game, enough to challenge anyone. I was so impressed while playing the demo that I immediately bought it, and was very glad I did. This is also my first review of a game, because I would like to encourage others to give it a try. The developers sure took a lot of care and creativity to make a game like no other. Simple, unique, and totally absorbing. I am hooked.

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play it green
by William Van Horn, USA - Dec 13th 2009

Not worth the money. I finished playing it in one afternoon and that was it, Got it right the first time and no use playing it again. Very simple, maybe interesting for 5 year olds. Worst $20 I spent on a game!

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by Chris McDonald, Canada - Dec 12th 2009

Sorry that I did not read the reviews prior to wasting $30 on this game.

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Excellent turn based strategy game.
by Michael Lomvardos, Greece - Dec 12th 2009

This game is excellent for only those who liked SSI's turn based People's General and Panzer General series in the '90s. If you're one of them, buy this game; it's worth it.

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Really EASY....
by Danielle Brusco, USA - Dec 11th 2009

It's a really short game with a sappy story. It took two hours to play the whole thing.

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