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Relaxing, Simple, Entertaining
by Faisal Haji, Canada - Jun 15th 2009

The title implies everything. The game is relaxing, simple, and easy to pick up. It is enjoyable too, especially if you work or go to school all week and you want to enjoy a nice game. The beauty of this game is that it still runs even if the game isn't. Try the demo before buying, your taste might be different than mine.

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Civilization III Complete
by Robert Hiltner Jr, USA - Jun 15th 2009

I liked the gamed, but I've stopped playing it because the game editor didn't come with the Mac version. I owned a PC a number of years and found that I got many more hours of entertainment from playing scenarios I created with the editor that came with the PC version of the game. I'm not happy with the lack of support for Aspyr's games.

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by carter hu, USA - Jun 12th 2009


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slow response time
by Gary Harrison, USA - Jun 9th 2009

I am disappointed with the game. The graphics are not the quality I expected and there is a lag time on the paddles making the game difficult to play and not fun.

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by John Goto, USA - Jun 8th 2009

this game is absolutly amazing! The graphix are are great and its great for casual gameplay. I litarly does have an infinite amount of levels in the dungeon! It has great cheats not to cheat like but helpful enough to be useful. Totaly worth 19.99. It runs smoothly but every once in a while a cheat could freeze your computer. =^( There is also a second FATE only for PC right now but soon to be converted! (Yay!) Great game. I recommend the demo first because its a very specific kind of game and its not for everyone. It's a great game for people who are fans of games by Blizzard or of the Zelda series. Great game.

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Alchemy Yawn Time
by Musikdok, USA - Jun 8th 2009

So many of the new games have barely enough to keep me awake. Repetitive tasks done over and over again, I found nothing challenging about this game. At least with the new game "Runes of Avalon 2, there was a bit more to get on about. I would rate that game much better than this. I'm sorry I could not, in good conscience, rate this higher but hey, Truth is truth. Perhaps some folks will find it more to their taste but as for me, give me lib... (whoops, sorry, wrong venue !

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Prince of Persia
by Ahmed Munib, Australia - Jun 8th 2009

Impressive game although powerful graphics hardware is a must for good gaming experience. Visually spectacular-highly recommended!

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Not A Good Buy
by Eileen Juenemann, USA - Jun 7th 2009

If you're 8 years old plus, don't waste your money. Graphics are great and there are a few thought worthy puzzles. All in all though if you don't find the hidden ones, after a minute the game starts showing you where they are and no way to turn off hints. Very Short and way to easy.

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waaay too easy
by Natasha Laity-Snyder, USA - Jun 7th 2009

I loved the first Azada, which took me about 1 full day of game playing to complete. Although I thought that was a short game, it was at least well executed enough to make me enjoy it. This one is extremely short and the puzzles are stupidly easy. This game took me about 2 hours. The only puzzles that were challenging were ones that had such bad game mechanics that you physically couldn't solve them in a quick way. That is a terrible deal for the money.It was disappointing. The only thing I can say about this game that is positive is that the graphics are beautiful.

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Addictive and smart
by Natasha Laity-Snyder, USA - Jun 7th 2009

This game is very challenging and enjoyable to play. The graphics are gorgeous, and the higher levels truly require strategy to solve. I just wish there were more of them!! (Not that this isn't a lengthy enough game, it's just so much fun that you don't want to stop playing!) I am on Mac OS X and did have problems with the system crashing which was disappointing but didn't stop me from solving the game.

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Pleasantly Surprised
by Aaron Dyck, USA - Jun 6th 2009

After reading a wide variety of reviews on this game, I was unsure: some people seemed to find it lacking, and for almost 5o bucks, I didn't know if i wanted to risk it.

Glad I did.

The game is a solid next chapter in the Heroes saga, complete with the gameplay style veterans will love. The graphics are very good, not overwhelming, but the main thing is it looks good and runs perfect on my Macbook black 2GHz w/2 gigs of Ram and the GMA 950. Not a drop of lag, hiccup, or crash. Beauty.

The story is interesting, the creatures and upgrades are varied and fun.

The quests are as hard as you want them to be: there are 4 difficulty levels, and you can take your time if you want...if an early level seems too hard, sit beside your town for a few "weeks" and gather a larger army.

Combining a sort of AOE style of resource management with that classic turn-based attack system, and a very customizable hero, the game entertains and delivers...even at 50 bucks. Go for it.

(note: I recommend reading the attached manual first tho...the first mission is sort of a "tutorial" but it is sorely lacking.)

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The MUST HAVE game.
by Kane Mitten, USA - Jun 6th 2009

If you buy one game from MGA, buy this one. It's 5 stars all the way. I can't believe this is an indie game - Mr. Blow, I salute you! The stellar soundtrack and the beautiful art, the sad but true story, plus the crazy yet awesome gameplay mechanics make this game almost PERFECT!

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by Gene Bechen, USA - Jun 5th 2009

This is a beatiful looking game with fantastic music. Difficult puzzles as well. Must have.

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