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I actually had fun playing this game.
by Dennis Ebitner Ramos, USA - Sep 16th 2006

I have to admit, I have a weird knack for 2d fighting scrollers, such as Streets of Rage and Final Fight as well as the classic Golden Axe. Come to think of it, this game actually plays like Streets of Rage but has the characteristics from Golden Axe.

This particular game is a game is rather enjoyable but it does have some shortcomings that I'd like to address. Some of these shortcomings include the Sound. They sound very poor and scratchy. My recommendation to the developer is record the sounds at a higher quality. If they were downsampled on purpose for the sake of download size, then I kind of wished the developer didn't do that as more users are starting to have broadband and bigger hard drives, and feel more comfortable downloading larger files.

Graphics are good, however. I personally dig the sprited look as well as the manga-style artwork. However, I don't really like how the screen resolution looks way too blurry when stretched to full-screen. The developer should consider adding in options for Scale2X and other upscaling sprite technologies used AdvanceMAME and various other game console emulators.

I also found out that this game was written in Java. When I ran this game on a 800 Mhz G4 iBook, I had to play around with the Java Preferences in the Applications->Utilities->Java folder. I had to change my default Java from Java SE 6.0 to J2SE 1.4.2 in order to get it to run at an acceptable speed- so those with slower machines might consider this tip if the game runs rather sluggish.

Minor annoyances also include some various grammatical errors. It's always a good idea to find someone to proofread your dialogue, especially if English is not your first language.

Lastly, according to the developer's website, the serial key I purchased is supposed to work on all versions of the game: Mac, Linux, and Windows. I wanted to install the Windows version on my PC since it was a faster computer but for some bizarre reason, my serial key didn't work on the Windows version, just the Mac version I bought on this website.

The important part, however, is that I had fun playing this game. I would definitely check out RoM3, should there ever be one.

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Wonderfully fun and entertaining game!
by Frigidman™, USA - Sep 14th 2006

I was surprised when I played this game for the first time, thinking it would be a really silly or dumb game for an adult. However I was so pleasantly surprised by the result of it capturing my attention, and making me enjoy it like very few games do!

The game is fluid, graphically, and so well done, it feels like real Legos. The actions, the silly expressions, and the hilarious cut-scenes are a treat to see.

There is lots to do, and many different goals. Which I found welcoming. You can replay levels over, to get 'goodies' and hidden pieces to build kits with. Great fun!

The sound though was a slight let down, due to how wonderful the rest of the game is. Some sounds just are awful, and the 3D isn't as fully 3D as I like in games. Also, there isn't any EAX that I can discern. However these things don't ruin the game. The game more than makes up for it elsewhere in fun!

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