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Among the Sleep is a first person horror adventure, in which you play a two year old child.





About the game

Among the Sleep is a first person horror adventure, in which you play a two year old child. After waking up in the middle of the night to mysterious sounds, you start exploring the dark looking for comfort.

The game explores horror through atmosphere and exploration, not with scores and combat systems. In Among the Sleep you’re vulnerable, scared, and trying to make sense of the world.

What people are saying

  • "With all the lumpen, gristly protagonists clogging up today's starring roles, it's heartening to see somebody trying something a little out of the ordinary."
    - Edge

  • "More, please!"
    - Kotaku

  • "Everything, from the sound of infantile breathing to the wobbliness of the camera and the unsteadiness of little hands, has been designed to accurately put ourselves behind the eyes of a toddler. Watching the trailer, the effect is simply astounding, while the Paranormal Activity-style scares that surround the child are pulled off with panache."
    - Gamefront

  • "Its depiction of a first-person horror told through the eyes and stumbling little legs of a two-year old is as intriguing as anything I've seen all year, and reminiscent of a time when games actively sought out new ways to play and new stories to tell."
    - Eurogamer

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CPU Cores2
CPU Speed2.4 GHz
System RAM2 GB
Drive Space2 GB
Video RAM512 MB
Video CardAny
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  1. Original
    by Bebeto, Romania - Feb 21st 2017

    Among the Sleep is a horror game that has a really unique approach to horror. But will you want to play this through ? In Among the Sleep you don't play as an adult but instead as a two year old child.

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  2. Not fun to be a toddler
    by tbrouss, USA - Feb 6th 2017

    I have a theory that toddlers are closet drunks - they are always stumbling with poor limb control, babbling to themselves, being incontinent of bowel and bladder, and have extremely labile emotions. This game was evidence that it is not fun to be a toddler and this game was not fun to play.

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  3. Really short
    by Thalla, Germany - Jan 17th 2017

    ...but I probably guess, you know that. Rather than a challenging game (although there are failure states), more of an interactive story in an uncommon and interesting perspective, reminding the player of childish fears. There's not a real lot of interaction going on, but enough to pull through for two hours - the slow pace of the game made me drowzee, to be honest. Nevertheless, one of the better "walking" (or rather: crawling and stumbling) simulators out there!

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