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Concursion is a multi-genre game played on the boundaries between games. Collect the shards, save the princess and go home. Easy, right? Maybe not, but where's the fun in easy?





  • Action  Indie  
  • Mastertronic
  • 6/19/2014
  • English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian
Dark Lord Biganbad has - sigh - once again kidnapped the princess. But this time his evil schemes have gone too far and mysterious rifts between realities have exploded across the world.

Start from where most platformers finish – at the bag guy’s castle. Run, jump, fly, fight and occasionally dance through the kingdom on your quest to unearth the truth behind these rifts, save the princess, and put a stop to Biganbad once and for all.
  • Say no to stereotypes. From start to finish, your knowledge of traditional platformers will be flipped on its head.
  • Five classic gameplay genres. Explore the worlds of platformer, shooter, hack-n-slash, jetpack and maze racer/puzzlers instantaneously in a seamlessly integrated world.
  • More genres. Experience even more play styles in each unique boss battle.
  • Evolving soundtrack. Emmy-nominated composer Christopher Hoag (House M.D.) has created five sonic flavors of every song, cross-blended between worlds.
  • Fusion play. Radically different game mechanics are employed in quickfire succession.
  • Unique worlds. Each world is defined by its own unique art and music, meaning you’ll always know whether you’re in a cartoon, outer space, or even feudal Japan.
  • Control mapping. Five unique styles of play mapped to the same few buttons mean you’re always in control.


Mac Requirements Minimum Supported My System Will It Run?
Mac OS X10.

Your Mac meets the
minimum requirements.
CPU TypeIntel Mac OnlyIntel Mac
CPU CoresAny4
CPU Speed3 GHz2.7 GHz
System RAM2 GB8 GB
Drive Space2 GB798.7 GB
Video RAM1 GB1.5 GB
Video CardAnyIntel Iris Pro
Important Notes:
  • Optional Steam Key provided with purchase. Not required.

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  1. Solid game with a unique approach.
    by Allie Collins, USA - Mar 13th 2016

    This might not be for everyone, but the game is without a doubt worth trying. It attempts to combine different platformer genres, into one game, which is fun by itself. On top of that, they actually did a pretty solid approach with making the worlds feel unique and making boss fights more interesting, by adding even more genres. I say check it out. It is old school, with a new school approach. Worth trying.

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