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A local toymaker and all his factory workers mysteriously vanished on the same night. It's up to you, ace reporter Mary Bingham, to delve into the town's hidden mysteries to discover the truth. But first you'll need to understand the strange inhabitants to solve the riddle of the shuttered toy factory. Is the ominous figure in black trying to help you, or is he leading you into certain peril? What lies beyond the elaborate labyrinth? Uncover a new world of shocking secrets as you hunt for clues in this heart-stopping mystery-adventure!
  • Truly unique and challenging mini-games
  • An exciting out-of-this-world adventure
  • Novel inventory system enriches gameplay


Mac Requirements Minimum Supported My System Will It Run?
Mac OS X10.6.810.10.5

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minimum requirements.
CPU TypeIntel Mac OnlyIntel Mac
CPU CoresAny4
CPU Speed2 GHz2.7 GHz
System RAM2 GB8 GB
Drive Space500 MB798.7 GB
Video RAM128 MB1.5 GB
Video CardAnyIntel Iris Pro

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  1. Frustrating
    by Scott Henderson, USA - May 26th 2015

    Perhaps it is a staple of these games to place the object for which one is seeking in the most obscure, random places. To me, it makes gameplay illogical and annoying. Toward the end, some puzzles required two objects to solve, but if you had only one, the same response was given as if you were trying to solve the puzzle using a completely wrong object. A different response would have been more helpful to at least acknowledge that one was on the right track. In addition, one hears the main character's voice a lot throughout the game, but when the "others" start to appear and disappear out of thin air, there's no, "Oh wow" or "That was weird." Nothing. Finally, the reveal of the story was a bit "hit you over the head" with its message and has a kind of idealistic view of the world. Not something I really want to get after playing a game to forget the outside world for a while.

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  2. Didn't purchase
    by Maverick2422, Canada - Apr 17th 2014

    I downloaded the demo and played it. The hidden objects and games were really simple to play. Decided not to purchase the whole game. Played better games

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