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  • GENREShooters
Frantic is an old school wave based shooter that is played at a frenetic pace. Run, gun and jump through each wave grabbing weapons as they appear and take on the monsters like Creepers, Bugs, Boars and Spiders; each with their own abilities and attacks, to complete each wave. Frantic also features boss battles with gigantic and epic monsters!
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CPU TypeIntel Mac Only  —  
CPU Cores2  —  
CPU Speed1.6 GHz  —  
System RAM256 MB  —  
Drive Space150 MB  —  
Video RAM128 MB  —  
Video CardAny  —  
  1. Great Fun
    by ghostmoki, United Kingdom - Mar 11th 2014

    This is a great little game, lot of old school running around blasting enemies, collecting power-ups and end-of-level bosses. Very addictive and easy to keep just having 'one more go'. It runs really well on modest hardware with integrated graphics.

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