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SunAge - Battle for Elysium
  • GENREStrategy
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SunAge is a new-breed classic-feel RTS featuring 3 races, 3 story campaigns, full competitive multiplayer (LAN & Online) and excellent map design. The game takes place in a futuristic setting across different worlds, ranging from a lush alien planet to a desolate wasteland, with industrial cities.
  • 3 distinct races: – Human, Raak-zun and Sentinel – each with their own units, buildings, technological advantages and disadvantages.
  • Unique Upgrades: – Combat modes can be researched for all units, unlocking dual functionality for greater tactical depth.
  • Singleplayer:– 25 campaign maps with compelling plots for each race.
  • Multiplayer: – LAN and Online – Classic multiplayer with focus on gathering 4 different kinds of resources and outsmarting the opponent in battle. 10 maps created uniquely for multiplayer mode.
  • Indirect Intelligent Targeting (IIT): – Order your units to focus on pre-selected targets.
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  1. Controlling your units is lousy for a strategic game
    by geeveedee, Netherlands - Jan 25th 2014

    Selecting your units and controlling them is doable by putting a team under a key,
    but selecting them in the field with the cursor is hell! I've stopped during the first campaign already, and cannot say anything about the following campaigns.

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