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King Arthur II is a real-time tactics and role-playing video game and a sequel to King Arthur: The Role-playing Wargame.





"When the greatest tale of chivalry ends, the nightmare begins.”

Critically praised by reviewers and gamers alike, King Arthur was received one of the biggest surprises to emerge on the gaming scene in 2010. Now the Fantasy/Roleplaying RTS returns in a sequel set to push the boundaries of the genre even further.

Our story begins long after young Arthur pulled the enchanted sword out of the stone, united the war-torn land of Britannia, gathered the Knights of the Round Table and secured peace in Camelot aided by the might of the Holy Grail. Where legends normally end, King Arthur II begins on its own gruesome tale...
  • Dark fantasy setting. King Arthur is now the Maimed King, trying to mend a land torn asunder as he strives to heal himself
  • Intense boss fights, where the hero’s forces are pitted against unique and terrifying foes
  • Lose yourself in a stunning story that unfolds over a huge 3D campaign map featuring knightly quests and other special events
  • Wide range of camera control options, revised animations and an extensive tutorial creating a more accessible and visually stunning experience
  • Experience huge real-time battles featuring thousands of soldiers and flying fantasy monsters
  • Battle enemies which employ unique war tactics and cast fantastic spells
  • Your choices will unlock special content, spells and units with plenty of new and unique possibilities with every choice
  • Lead major heroes who possess extraordinary powers


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Mac OS X10.7.510.10.5

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CPU Cores24
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Video (intel)Intel HD Graphics 3000 *Intel Iris Pro
* Unsupported Video Cards: Intel GMA 900, Intel GMA 950, Intel GMA X3100, Intel HD Graphics

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  1. Defeated before ever battling a single demon—by the camera!
    by .::Nox::., USA - Feb 16th 2015

    There's much about this game that I want to love. It's beautiful. The voice acting is, for the most part, competent. The painted designs that accompany the role-playing segments are lovely. Even the relatively static main map is pretty enough to be stared at for some time.

    Then you start your first battle. You might continue to marvel at the arguably splendid visuals for a few minutes, until you realize that to actually SEE the remarkable amount of detail on your troops, you have to nudge the mousewheel with microscopic precision—and even then you're more likely to get a closeup of patch of (admittedly lovingly detailed) grass. From there it takes no small amount of maneuvering to coax the camera back into some angle from which you can actually see what's happening on the battle field. Tinkering with the options—to, say, slow down camera movement—does not remedy this at all.

    I go to this point twice, and twice I abandoned the game with a sigh and a groan. I might give it another go, too. But unless third time really IS a charm, I'm leaving Brittania to the demonic invaders. Maybe they have a better grasp on how to work the camera. In fact, they probably designed it.

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