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Have you ever wanted to be president? or prime-minister? Convinced you could do a better job of running the country? Here is your chance to find out...





Democracy 3 simulates the motivations, loyalties and desires of everyone in the country. A custom-designed neural network is used to model individual voters, each which varying memberships of voting groups, political parties and pressure groups. Each voters income is modeled, along with their levels of complacency and cynicism. This is the most sophisticated political strategy game ever created.

Despite being vastly detailed under-the-hood, Democracy 3 has a unique user interface that makes visualizing the connections between laws, policies, voters and situations easy. A simple iconic-based view of your countries issues allows you to 'drill-down' through all the relationships between policies and voters to quickly analyze the impacts of your decisions. Your trade policy may affect GDP, which will affect unemployment, which will effect poverty, and thus crime, leading to a change in tourism, which affects GDP...

Each individual voter is a mixture of a subset of the 21 different voter groups represented within the game. They might be a young, wealthy, liberal socialist commuter, or a retired conservative religious capitalist, for example. Not only this, but the extent to which they identify each of those groups is both variable, and can be affected by your policies in the long term. Convert your country to religion, or atheism, to capitalism, or socialism by careful and nuanced adjustment of your policies and laws over time. A 'focus group' feature lets you look at individual voters and see exactly how they came to a decision to vote for you (or not!).

  • Complex economic & political model.
  • Thousand of detailed AI Voters.
  • Unique user interface.
  • Multiple countries to govern.
  • The only true government-simulation game.
  • Hundreds of events, policies and laws to choose from.


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CPU TypeIntel Mac Only
CPU CoresAny
CPU Speed1 GHz
System RAM2 GB
Drive Space500 MB
Video RAM256 MB
Video CardAny

Downloadable Content For This Game (DLC)

DLCDemocracy 3: Social EngineeringReleased 3/10/2014$4.99
DLCDemocracy 3: ExtremismReleased 5/13/2014$4.99
DLCDemocracy 3: Clones & Drones DLCReleased 10/30/2014$4.99

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  1. Wow. money down
    by Dan Sanchez, USA - Nov 14th 2014

    Worst 25 dollars spent in quite a long time. I like a good thinking man's game but this is really unpenatrable. perhaps I'll come back to it someday but for now it is a huge regret.

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  2. Good Game but always get assinated
    by jnksgb, United Kingdom - Nov 3rd 2014

    This is a hard but good game, balancing the books while keeping everyone happy is no mean feat, I always get assinated in the end!

    No feedback given on this review.Was this helpful? Yes No
  3. Okay
    by DamonK, USA - Oct 4th 2014

    An okay game, but I got a bored with it pretty quick. I'm a big fan of simulation games, but maybe this one isn't for me.

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