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The Chronicles of Emerland Solitaire
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To defeat the dark forces in the battle you will have to visit the Kingdom of the Elves in a vast forest; climb mountains and find the Dwarves' holy place wandering through cave mazes; sink to the ocean depths to protect the Kingdom of the Mermaids from imminent destruction and to save the shrine of the Kingdom of the Humans from ruin.
  • Awesome and stunning graphics.
  • Mix of a number of Solitaire styles and Hidden objects
  • Fascinating scenario.
  • Two difficulty levels.
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  1. The Chronicles of Emerland Solitaire
    by Candace Capraro, USA - Oct 16th 2014

    Really enjoyed this game. You can play it over and over again to improve your score. Liked that! My grandkids also like it a lot and they were different ages.

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  2. Good game
    by rosemary jean dyer, England - May 7th 2013

    As solitaire goes this is good. the characters are strange but the puzzles are good and I like that once completed you can revisit anywhere to improve your score

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  3. Absolutely wonderful
    by RRS Artist, USA - Apr 7th 2013

    This has got to be the longest game known to man. The hands are not easy. There are 2 modes - relaxed and "if you think you are a solitaire wizard". I tried the relaxed mode. Frankly, the hands didn't seem any easier, the awards no greater, and there was still a timer (in either mode it awards points, you do not run out of time),

    Along the way you meet people from other kingdoms who join you or your quest and have certain skills - remove a card, give you a random extra card, turn over cards. You can use your money to buy wild cards amulets (more undos, see the next card in the dec, etc.) and companion skill upgrades.

    There are 24 levels, 10 rounds to a level. You must get 5 perfect rounds in each level to achieve the highest rank. You must leave fewer than 5 cards in a round or risk a penalty. You get some rewards within the game play for reaching achievement levels. They are icons that appear on cards to turn over face down cards, get coins, add cards to the deck. Trust me, you need all the help you can get, plus in hard mode, those icons don't stay on the cards very long (this perhaps is the difference from relaxed). Later round will require amulets - they are very pricey compared to the money any round awards you.

    I enjoyed the challenge. You get a break every few levels to find morphing objects, "find 12", and "put things back" scenes. They look like child's play at first, but later not so much.

    The game is wide screen and the artwork, animations and characters are delightful.

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