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The legendary Knytt series continues with Nifflas’ latest creation; Knytt Underground™

In this Knytteration; humans have long since abandoned the planet after practically destroying it in a war, five hundred years ago. The remaining population of Sprites, Fairies and various other life forms now live in mysterious tunnels underground – where they are trying to discover the secrets of their origin and the meaning of life.

Mixed up in all of this curiosity is Mi – a mute but extraordinary sprite! She develops special powers as the game progresses and embarks upon many exciting quests on her adventure. Her main goal is to find and ring the six bells of fate before time runs out. If she doesn’t a destructive chain reaction will begin that will obliterate the entire planet!

With an array of thrilling quests to complete, unique zen-like gameplay and plenty of dynamic characters to meet and guide you on your adventure – Knytt Underground™ delivers a captivating and unparalleled experience that will not disappoint! Explore over 1,800 rooms with the unique tried and tested mechanics that have already got over 1 million fans worldwide excited to run, jump, climb, swing and bounce with unparalleled freedom.

Download today and soon you can begin your journey through this vibrant and enchanted underground world!

Key Features:
• Zen-like gameplay, vibrant environments and dynamic characters
• Compelling and thought provoking storyline
• An ambient and immersive audio experience
• Over 1,800 rooms to explore and multiple story-driven quests to complete
• Switch between human and ball form for an unparalleled sense of freedom
• Open world, ready to be explored by you (at your own pace)

Press Quotes:
“Excellent indie Platformer” God is a Geek

"Knytt Underground is a great choice for fans of atmospheric indie platformers." Gaming Irresponsibly

"Knytt Underground is a wonderful Indie joy" Game Reactor

“Stop reading this right now and go download Knytt...Seriously do it.” Indie Game Mag

“Lush environments, deadly lasers and morph ball action.” Polygon

“This game is truly engaging with great gameplay” Greenlit Gaming

“Introducing gamers to a darker, earthier game with the innovative visual appeal of the original game still present; Knytt Underground blends these aesthetics smoothly to create zen-like gameplay in its new release.” Game Revolution

“A subterranean world with oddly detailed, colorful backgrounds.” Addicted Gamer
  • Zen-like gameplay, vibrant environments and dynamic characters
  • Over 1,800 rooms to explore and multiple story-driven quests to complete
  • An ambient and immersive audio experience
  • Compelling and thought provoking storyline
  • Switch between human and ball form for an unparalleled sense of freedom
  • Open world, ready to be explored by you (at your own pace)
© 2013 Nicklas Nygren. Developed by Nicklas Nygren and published by Ripstone Ltd. All rights reserved.
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CPU TypeIntel Mac Only
CPU CoresAny
CPU Speed1.5 GHz
System RAM1 GB
Drive Space885 MB
Video RAM512 MB
Video CardAny
  1. Okay
    by NorthernSpruce, Canada - Jan 6th 2014

    My original review for this game read:
    "This is a terrific little game. The challenges and storyline are interesting and varied, the mood offbeat and upbeat, the gameplay smooth and entertaining. The specs warned that this game wouldn't work with my video RAM but I tried the demo and it worked fine, so after playing most of the demo I took a chance and bought it. So far, so good. Recommended."
    This was after playing two of the three chapters.
    I am still trying to get through Chapter 3 which is exponentially, magnitudes longer than the first two. This could be a real plus if the game kept introducing new elements or a sense of progress, but it feels interminable. The same kinds of challenges just keep repeating, punctuated by quests that never seem to go anywhere. Most bizarrely, the friendly, upbeat theme is periodically interrupted by R-rated tirades and opinionated rants on controversial subjects, totally unnecessary for the game. So I can't keep up the original five stars. Get it if it's on sale and you want many monotonous hours of gameplay. The scenes are exquisite, I must admit.

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  2. You'll Be Surprised
    by Blair Barkley, Canada - Aug 13th 2013

    This is a great game that will surprise you. It kinda looks like Limbo, but with a bit more colour and a "brighter" mood. The difference between Knytt and Limbo is that Lnytt feels larger with more of a story with quets. The characters are like hipster fairies and have their own personality and story. These characters you come across give you a little more info on who you are and give you quests. The gameplay is smooth and effortless, and is basically a platform jumper with quests and puzzles. This is a must buy for Limbo and platformer fans. I which I found it sooner!

    Tech Specs: And I'm playing it with only 256 MB Video RAM, even though it requires 512 MB, on 10.7.5 Lion, and it plays perfectly!

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