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Mystery of the Nautilus
  • GENREAdventure
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A young oceanographer (you!) on a scientific mission goes into a strange submarine that is hidden in an offshore fault. It turns out it's the Nautilus. Its crew and Captain Nemo mysteriously abandoned it decades ago.
All of a sudden, you're plunged into an adventure out of time. You'll have to explore the nooks and crannies of the Nautilus. And solve its riddles so that you can share the extraordinary story of Captain Nemo and all the famous ship's secrets.
  • All voices and texts in English!
  • Discover a spellbinding and fantastical ambiance
  • Several riddles to solve
  • An adventure faithful to the universe of Jules Verne
  • Experience a unique journey to the heart of the Nautilus
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CPU TypeUniversal
CPU Cores2
CPU Speed1.8 GHz
System RAM1 GB
Drive Space240 MB
Video RAM256 MB
Video CardAny
  1. Poorly done
    by NorthernSpruce, Canada - Mar 21st 2013

    I have to agree with Captain Skurvy - not a fun game at all. It reminds me of Amerzone, a game that may have been OK on PC but that makes no sense in its Mac version. The only way I could finish it was with a walkthrough written for PC, and it is clear that the Mac version is a really bad copy. On the one hand, you know exactly where to click because there is a gear or hand icon on it; on the other, even knowing what needs clicking, the way things fit together is illogical. So to reiterate: don't waste your time and money!

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    by Captain Skurvy, Australia - Mar 17th 2013

    There is a reason ths game has no demo once people played a demo they would not bother buying this game.

    It's a very very very bad implementation of a point and click adventure and over the many many years i have played just about most of them, this would have to rank as one if not the worst

    definitly NOT worth your mney or effort

    I am sorry i wasted mine please dont waste yours

    graphics low res and blurry - hurts my eyes

    gameplay no logic to what you have to do and very little visual if no feedback eg when you pick up something to usually some animated sequence normaly shows the results eg placing a key from inventory shows key in door and lock turning or door unlocking - not so with this game

    very little you can do in any given area e.g. the blurry artwork is mainly just that very little is any area is active in any way and most of that is movement.

    there is much much much better games out there for even a cheaper price than this waste of space if price is an issue.

    I could name a few recent ones but i not sure if they are availbale on this site so i will not short change Mac Game Store which runs an execllent site but like most other sites bad apples get into the app barrel and you should not judge this site by this review andthis "game" they carry many excellent games at some great price discounts

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