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Heralding the return of the classic arcade racer, Cargasm HD gives gamers a host of cars which they can enter into different races. All the race tracks are set in meticulously recreated photorealistic real-world locations such as London, Paris and Egypt.
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CPU TypeIntel Mac Only  —  
CPU Cores2  —  
CPU Speed2 GHz  —  
System RAM2 GB  —  
Drive Space1.5 GB  —  
Video RAM256 MB  —  
Video CardAny  —  
  1. Disappointed
    by Froggie, USA - Dec 17th 2013

    Well, upon first play I had a crash to desktop. Just did some experimenting with it, got a little further in the race, seems to stutter/crash when more than 2 cars are on the screen. Ran ok at minimum graphics settings, while I was the only car on screen. When I caught up to the pack and started to pass other cars, it hung and eventually crashed to desktop. Could be a nice arcade racer, hard to tell when I can't finish one race. :(

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