Bridge Project



The Bridge Project is the successor to the original and award-winning Bridge Builder simulation, all amateur designers and structural engineers finally have a new challenge on their Mac.

The gameplay has been subject to much tweeking and development with new up to date materials exciting scenarios and a variety of tasks waiting to be solved.

Build stable bridges in a variety of landscapes with detailed environment.

Take on the task of constructing a huge variety of different bridges: suspended, folding, stone, steel, wood, car or railway bridges.

Whilst you enjoy the enhanced graphics and the new, improved physics engine putting the most spectacular bridges to the test with stress tests.

Download free levels from the global Bridge Builder 2 community, and participate in competitions.
  • All-new in-game graphics with a variety of detailed 3D objects
  • New user interface for easy operation
  • Additional materials such as wood and concrete
  • In addition to trains, cars and ships you can now test vehicles such as buses and tanks
  • Extended weight and stability testing of different vehicles, or natural events such as storms or earthquakes
  • 48 varied and challenging levels: different towns, canyons, rural areas
  • Set the design tasks to different modes - single or expert.
  • Editor feature - build your own levels and share them with other players
  • Compare your technical skills with other players in the global online ranking
  • Take part in competitions, improve your own record!


Mac Requirements Minimum Supported My System Will It Run?
Mac OS X10.6.810.10.5

Your Mac meets the
minimum requirements.
CPU TypeIntel Mac OnlyIntel Mac
CPU CoresAny4
CPU Speed2 GHz2.7 GHz
System RAM2 GB8 GB
Drive Space2 GB798.7 GB
Video RAMAny1.5 GB
Video (intel)Intel HD Graphics *Intel Iris Pro
* Unsupported Video Cards: Intel GMA 900, Intel GMA 950, Intel GMA X3100

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  1. Great plan, needs work
    by daisyborat, USA - Jan 1st 2014

    The graphics and animation 6/10
    the colors 7/10
    the ability to easily mouse around and select items 3/10, constant miss clicks and drags, super annoying.

    Have to teach yourself the game, not only what it wants and how to use things but also how it rates things. I have a friend who is a structural engineer and he played it, found it fun, but got annoyed that often bridges would have joints fail and there was absoulutley no way to fix it. If the game says the bridge isnt perfect you have NO WAY TO make it perfect, try and try and try all sorts of ideas and you will often still get 2-10 broken joints.

    Not very user friendly, would have been awesome in the late 90's but by todays standards its just ok. a good time waster, but plan to get frustrated.

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  2. This will take some time!
    by Matt Lonne, Australia - Oct 20th 2013

    Great game, really test your mind on the harder levels

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  3. One big problem
    by jesse03, USA - Apr 12th 2013

    Graphics are good and the carnage is comical, but the interface is absolutely horrible. This game is not worth the $25 price. I think a fair price to ask would be the $10 or less range.

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