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Apple Avengers is an Action/Adventure/Platformer that puts you in the role of Fuji, a heroic apple who embarks on an epic quest through 5 bright and colorful worlds overrun by an army of worms.




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"Apple Avengers" is an Action/Adventure/Platformer that puts you in the role of Fuji, a heroic apple who embarks on a quest through 5 bright and colorful worlds overrun by an army of worms. You will earn 7 different Powerups throughout the game allowing you to transform into one of the legendary Apple Avengers. Use their skills to fight, jump, fly and roll your way through 55 levels of platforming madness.

Can you stop King Lumbricus and his army of Wild Wacky Worms? Come jump in and find out. With loads of content, "Apple Avengers" provides a gaming adventure you will surely never forget!


"Apple Avengers is a prime example of how good a Unity game can be." -

"If you’ve been hankering for a ambitious platformer we recommend that you check out Apple Avengers." -
  • 2 Game Modes - Story Mode and Apple Dash! Complete a lengthy quest or engage in a unique automatic running game where you collect items and kill enemies to gain points while running for the highest score.
  • Play with the keyboard or a Mac OSX compatible gamepad. The game comes pre-configured for the Logitech Gamepad F310 but works with any gamepad compatible with Mac OSX. The controls are fully customizable.
  • Beautiful High Resolution graphics. The game has been revamped to support the Mac with gorgeous lighting effects, fog, terrain, high resolution textures, colorful scenery and additional special effects.
  • 5 colorful and imaginative worlds, each with their own distinct theme, style and challenge.
  • 8 playable characters and several unique abilities including Super Speed, Super Strength, Invincibility, Flight, Artillery, Slow Motion and more!
  • More than 20 enemies and 5 epic boss fights. Each enemy has a different attack style so you better prepare for battle!
  • 10 golden seeds are scattered throughout each level. Collect them all to unlock the bonus world upon completing the game for a true challenge!
  • User friendly controls and easy learning curve.


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CPU TypeIntel Mac Only
CPU CoresAny
CPU SpeedAny
System RAMAny
Drive SpaceUnknown
Video RAM128 MB
Video CardAny

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  1. Annoying
    by Inkblots, Canada - Feb 28th 2014

    That's, well… really the only word that comes to mind. Annoying. The noises that the character makes became irritating within about ten seconds, the animations when you start/end a level and when you die are extremely long in comparison to most platformers (or any game, really), the controls when you have the speed powerup (which is necessary in order to complete some levels) are too touchy and make it really easy to fly off the edge of a platform, and all the progress in a level is reset when you die. You don't just go back to the beginning of the level, you have to restart it completely and go collect all the seeds or other objects all over again. The last point is kind of a minor one - I'm equally annoyed by games where there is too little insentive to not die - but combine it with that necessary evil of the speed power up and… well, let's just say I didn't even make it past the fourth level. There's definitely some potential here, but as it is, it's just way too annoying.

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