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In the colorful strategy game NORTH vs SOUTH, you play the head of one of the armies of the Civil War.





  • Anuman Interactive
  • 7/9/2012
  • 1.0.1
  • English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese
In the colorful strategy game NORTH vs SOUTH, you play the head of one of the armies of the Civil War. Your aim is to conquer American territory. This is a remastered version of the game that was released in 1990, with improved graphics and user-friendliness that are up to current standards.

Head up the Yankees or Confederates, and destroy your enemy! Taking up positions, capturing states, assaulting and capturing enemy forts, attacking trains and protecting your railroads . . . you'll have to deal with everything! Capture the port to use the reinforcements coming from Europe.

Protect yourself from storms and be wary of those Indians in the war and those Mexican bandits . . . if you don't, you'll be in trouble!

To come out in one piece, you'll have to master taking turns, armed battles in real time, 1 against 30 shoot-outs, and horseback train chases.

Whether you play alone or with others, the objective is the same - emerge victorious from these eventful combats!
  • This cult game from 1990 has been remastered with excellent graphics and is more user friendly.
  • Relive the Civil War in the universe of the Blue Tunics
  • Dynamic and strategic battles
  • Several mini games that vary the tempo of the battles (real-time battles, train attacks, fort assaults . . . )
  • Parameters you can change to your liking! Calm or savagery?


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  1. Occasional casual game
    by SPvanG, Netherlands - Mar 22nd 2014

    I've mixed feelings about this game. This remake of a popular `90s game looks really nice, but plays terrible. The action segments used to be quite a lot of fun, now they are a pain because of how they reinterpreted those parts of the game. The original platform levels are replaced by boring shooting gallery segments, while the RTS(!) gameplay has new controls that just don't work. However, the turn-based „strategic" part of the game is an exact replica of the original and just as much fun. On the upside: if you don't mind skipping the „arcade" parts, this game works pretty good as a casual game. Get it on a discount, and you'll get your money's worth. I played this game far more than expected.

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  2. Great game for the time
    by daisyborat, USA - Dec 3rd 2012

    Relative scores
    Animation 9/10
    originallity 7/10

    Really not that bad of a game. I am 26 and wanted to give it a try, it wasn't to bad for an hour or so and then became boring and repative. Havent played it with another person, that may add some fun to it. But to be honest, for 7 dollars, what can you really complain about. A movie now days costs 10 bucks, so if you get at least 1 hour of fun out of this its worth it. Wish they had given you a bit more options on tactics, choices, and role activities but again for sure worth 7 bucks.

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