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Killing Floor is a Co-op Survival Horror FPS set in the devastated cities and countryside of England after a series of cloning experiments for the military goes horribly wrong. You and your friends are members of the military dropped into these locations with a simple mission: Survive long enough to cleanse the area of the failed experiments!
  • Cooperative gameplay for up to six players against multiple waves of specimens
  • Persistent Perks system, allowing players to convert their in-game achievements into permanent improvements to their character's skills and abilities
  • Over 170 Steam Achievements, including “Dignity for the dead” for killing 10 enemies feeding on dead teammates' corpses and “Hot Cross Fun” for finishing off 25 burning enemies with a Crossbow
  • Slow-motion “ZEDtime” to better watch those crucial and violent creature deaths, even in multiplayer
  • Solo game mode for offline play
  • Ten different monster types trying to eat your face off, armed with everything from teeth and claws, to chainsaws, chain-guns and rocket-launchers
  • 33+ weapons for the players to chose from, ranging from knives and fire-axes to pump shotguns, rifles and a flamethrower
  • Equip your team with welders, medical tools and body armor to help your odds of survival
  • Choose which Perks to play with to best balance out your co-op team against the horrors
  • Open, non-linear play areas: choose when and where to fight — or run; weld doors closed to direct the monster horde down alternate corridors
  • Fully-configurable, allowing players to change the difficulty level, number of creature waves, or even set up their own favorite waves of monsters
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CPU TypeIntel Mac Only
CPU CoresAny
CPU SpeedAny
System RAMAny
Drive SpaceUnknown
Video RAMAny
Video (ati)Any
Video (nvidia)Any
Video (intel)Not Supported
Important Notes:
  • Requires Steam and a Steam Account to play.
  1. OKay
    by Benjamin Trahan, USA - Aug 18th 2014

    Its great if your a fan of these things which im not really

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  2. If I could give it 6 Stars I would
    by wiking, Canada - Dec 11th 2013

    This game is one of the most entertaining FPS I've played in quite some time.

    A vast amount of weaponry, classes and upgrades.
    Challenging AI.
    Co-op game play (play as a squad against the AI zombie hoard, limiting the "pwned" trash talk that dominates most human player vs human player FPS).
    Excellent large scale maps that are beautifully rendered.
    Well populated and friendly online community (you won't have a problem finding people or servers to play on).
    Solo mode to help level up and improve your skills.
    The ability to share weapons and cash with other players.

    Steam based - love it or hate it - old school gamers (those gamers that used to buy an actual CD/DVD copy of the game) may find Steam I little different at first. Takes time to install and set up an account. Also, those of you running a software firewall (ie Little Snitch) will also have trouble with Steam and denying outgoing connections until to "allow" certain permissions. The game plays in full screen mode and you can't shuffle between other apps and the game. You'll need to quit the game to adjust your software firewall prefs each time your outgoing permission in denied.
    Joining a game in one of the later waves will leave you horribly undergunned.
    When you die, you must wait until that wave is over before reentering the match. The earlier you die the longer you are just sitting there waiting.
    Some maps are quite dark and difficult to navigate.
    For those of you that are easily offended or have youngsters, the game can be a little graphic, gore-wise, and some in game language may be unsuitable to certain ears.

    All in all, this game is well worth the $20, With a high replay value, great graphics, friendly active community, tonnes of weapons, perks, skills and classes it'll keep you coming back for more. Happy hunting :)

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  3. The Bee's Knees
    by ishmal354, USA - Sep 10th 2013

    I recently purchased this game with the thought that it would be a good occasional distraction in college but to my suprise it is actually quite entertaining and well worth the affordable price. Online is very fun and it runs well through steam. As for performance…it works wonderfully! Runs perfectly on my 13" macbook pro with intel graphics. I would recommend this to anyone who likes CoD zombies, left 4 dead, or online co op games with persistent stats and upgrades

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