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Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars Director's Cut
  • GENREAdventure
Paris in the Fall... a brutal murder at the Palais Royale. When Nico Collard is invited to interview statesman Pierre Carchon, she finds herself inextricably drawn into a terrifying conspiracy.

One of the all-time classic adventures, multi BAFTA-nominated "Broken Sword: Director's Cut" pitches sassy journalist Nico Collard, and intrepid American George Stobbart into a mysterious journey of intrigue and jeopardy. Guide George and Nico on their globe-spanning adventure, exploring exotic locations, solving ancient mysteries, and thwarting a dark conspiracy to reveal the secret truths of the Knights Templar.

"Broken Sword: The Director’s Cut" introduces an intricate new narrative thread, alongside the classic story that has charmed millions of players. It’s time to experience George and Nico’s worldwide adventure in a whole new way, with brand new puzzles, hilarious new jokes, and the distinctive, rich story that made the series so deservedly renowned. This is adventure gaming at its very best.
  • Whole new story arc added, with 2 hours of additional gameplay
  • Addition of contemporary first person perspective minigames
  • New facial expressions drawn by Dave Gibbons, co-creator of Watchmen
  • Help system incorporated – ensure that player won’t get frustrated
  • Enhanced audio – both music and voices
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  1. The Best Game Ever
    by brunopolengo, Brazil - Apr 5th 2014

    A shame not to have the translation in Portuguese, was my first adventure game, played in the defunct 486 cpu. but so far this game gets crazy, revolution please put the translations in Portuguese

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  2. Broken Sword
    by nasuada, Belgium - Aug 11th 2013

    I really slow game. not very logical and you have to go back and forth a ton of times in order to get the item you need. Using items is a pain too

    Actually the only reason I give a second star is because it took me a long time to finish and the game was on sale

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  3. Not for fans of the original game
    by Levicious, USA - Dec 5th 2010

    The $10 download fee is really it's only saving point for me.

    The inclusion of all the new elements fit very poorly in with the original and make it hard to enjoy the core game.

    Artwork: The original was beautifully drawn and animated, and the new artwork is thick and animation clunky. The problem is that it's intermingled the new into the original so you have the original art style comparable to classic animation like Black Cauldron and Secret of Nimh, mixed in with thick lined vector style animation that looks like a Flash cartoon.

    The face shots during conversations do not move but a few times during the conversation and the inclusion of larger, bulkier, poorly animated 3d characters makes the whole thing feel inconsistent and rushed.

    The new story elements as well as the new audio feel exactly the same way, they just don't fit and you'll find yourself fighting to reconcile the new and old elements to make sense of it all and enjoy.

    They also added more clues such as audio cues and a radar to find items to pick up and interact with so there isn't much challenge and satisfaction in solving the puzzles.

    All this being said, don't buy this if you're looking to experience this game again, the new stuff really derails most of what made the original so great. However, if you've never played this game and ONLY have a mac, it's worth the 10 bucks and you'll still enjoy the story as a whole, but the inconsistencies across the board are pretty apparent and annoying.

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