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Marble Blast Gold Icon
Shallow Fun
by MasterK, USA - Dec 20th 2006

To be simple, this game is a lot of fun to play. It is bright, colorful, and played to a catchy tune. Although it is somewhat easy to plummet into the oblivian, you get infinite retries anyway. Overall, it is a nice, solid game, it just is a little light on the gameplay.

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Democracy Icon
Micromanagement, Micrographics.
by MasterK, USA - Dec 20th 2006

This is one of those games which kind of reminds me of the old classics like Oregon Trail (by the way staff, there is a mac oregon trail that would make a great addition to your listing) It has very fun interface, designed as a point and click game where you attempt to manage all the different problems that are constantly happening, and do what you want, but still keep the people happy. My only complaints, and they are somewhat large, are the virtually nonexistent sound track, and the simplistic graphics. Although the graphics are substantial for the genre, it would be nice to see pictures of what is going on. It would also be nice to have some background music. However, this game is a solid simulation, that doesn't get as bogged down in making money as other independant games do.

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Snowy: The Bear's Adventures Icon
Didn't like it
by Kieran William Culff Najita, USA - Dec 18th 2006

This game claims to be a charming, fun, kid-friendly little adventure. This game is a filthy liar. It has a very boring layout, psychodellic colors, and is no fun at all. While the levels themselves are painfully easy and generic, the bosses use a hopless interface.

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FizzBall Icon
by Kieran William Culff Najita, USA - Dec 18th 2006

This game is a very fun arcade game, with a collecting element added in as well. I have only played the demo, but I now wish to own this game.

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Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa Icon
A lot of fun!
by Kieran William Culff Najita, USA - Dec 18th 2006

This game is a lot of fun to play, and is challenging and interesting, however it has short lasting appeal and the engine can be somewhat sporadic. The gem system used to build the landscape is somewhat random in how you get the gems, and the animals will die suddenly, however, they are easy to remake. Otherwise, this is a solid simulation.

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Lugaru HD Icon
fight to the death you bunny!
by Kieran William Culff Najita, USA - Dec 18th 2006

Lugaru is a fun, origional fighter. The battle system is creative. While it is good 3D, the graphics provide flat, textureless landscapes, and the trees ar rectangles with green on them. The levels have low replay value, but overall, it is fun while it lasts.

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Brave Dwarves: Back for Treasures Icon
Worse than Bad
by Kieran William Culff Najita, USA - Dec 18th 2006

This game is a miserable failure in all accounts. While it claims to be "nonviolent family fun for all ages," it has age appeal similar to Bob the Builder: You need to be in that golden pocket where you're smart enough to navigate the awful levels, but dumb enough not to know that it sucks. The gameplay consists of shooting obscure blobs of light into worms, which turn into a puff of smoke. Each level is only one screen long, but it is long enough to make you die continually due to the confusingly simple controls, and the nightmarish design.

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Kid Mystic Icon
Too Simple
by MasterK, USA - Dec 18th 2006

This game is fun to begin with, but it's value rapidly decreases. It is masquarading as a Zelda style adventure, but it is really a random spell blasting game. The battle system is simple: press a button, and some flashy lights shoot out of your wand. Press it again and it shoots blue sparks. Repeat. The level designs are creative, but there is absolutely no skill involved. The graphics aren't bad, but they are somewhat disproportionate, and your character has absolutely no control over his movement. It is challenging simply because of the quantity of obscure enemies you must destroy before you die.

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Virtual Villagers Icon
Nice Try.
by Kieran William Culff Najita, USA - Dec 18th 2006

Virtual Villagers would be a good game, if it wasn't riddled by small problems. First, it runs in real time, which is neat, if you have the time to check on it every five minutes. I would come home, open it up, and find all my villagers dead. It takes a long time for a villager to do something however, so checks throughout the day are a necessity. My final complaint is the completely broken camera, which you must drag with your mouse. The main problem with this is that the camera goes in the opposite direction of the way you are pulling. It is good to see an independant developer try something besides diner dash, but overall it fails to please.

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Poker Superstars II Icon
Solid Poker
by Kieran William Culff Najita, USA - Dec 18th 2006

It is surprising how hard it is to find a good digital poker game. Most games seem distant, the bets are random, and you are playing against nobody. Poker Superstars fixes these shortcomings, making it a nice, fun game. Overall, it is very good, and very close to the real thing.

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FizzBall Icon
Amazingly Addictive and Fun
by Frigidman™, USA - Dec 14th 2006

At first when I downloaded the demo and tried this, I had no great ambition it would be all that wonderful. Then, after the demo ended, I found myself wanting to play more!

This normally isn't the type of game I enjoy, but for some reason I found this incredibly fun and entertaining. The flow, the content, the expanse and length of it is just right.

Sounds are fun, and entertaning, especially for the younger kids in the house. Animal sounds, bings, bops, pops, and whatnot. Enough ear candy to keep you involved, with some nifty jamming music too!

The graphics aren't earth shattering, but they are fluid and smooth, with good detail as for what is happening. This runs extremely well on a 1.5ghz G4 laptop.

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RocketBowl Icon
Funtastic Alternative Bowling
by Frigidman™, USA - Dec 14th 2006

This is a fun game. The first thing that came to my mind while playing the first arena was also "Bowling meets mini golf". The futuristic 60s snazzy setting is entertaining as well.

Graphics are basic 3D with very little fanfair and flash. For me, there is a frequent and random jerk in speed that has caused me to lose a few shots. Not sure what that was, could just be lack of gpu power on my part.

The repetitive music played during all rounds gets, well, repetitive. However its not in such bad taste to where it gets painful on the ears.

Sound effects are ok. A bit simplistic and lacking, however they get the job done.

Overall though, its a fun game, and gets insanely difficult by the 4th location and beyond. Enough challenge for players.

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Scrabble Classic Icon
Has Potential
by Frigidman™, USA - Dec 14th 2006

I found this to be fun to play with a friend in the house. Unfortunately many things lacked.

The board is tiny in windowed mode (which is what a game like this is best played as so you can pay attention to emails and other activities). Needs to be larger, or the option to be larger.

After spending an hour jumping up and down out of the seat and averting eyes while the other player took their turn, I came to the conclusion that this game would SERIOUSLY benefit from network ability. Plus such ability with PC and Mac all on the same network, or over the internet.

The dictionary and other features were great for a scrabble game, making it easier to deal with (or not deal with) bogus words. However it had the option to turn that off so you could challenge your opponent's words. The hint system of course we always turn off, as that justs not fun.

Even though the game lacks some key things that could make it "Excellent", the game is a great diversion and fun to play.

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Plantasia Icon
Excellent game, a bit overpriced.
by Allen Mueller, USA - Dec 13th 2006

I'd buy the game for $10. I can buy huge games that take a month to play through for $20, why would I pay the same price for a simple game like this?

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Halo Universal Binary Icon
Halo UB: Combat Enhanced!
by Nick Nichols, USA - Dec 10th 2006

This update is absolutely wonderful, a must for those Intel users out there. No more lag, smooth sailing all the way. If you already have Halo for Mac, you have to buy this update. Worth the $5, love it! The graphics are suberb, the gameplay is awesome and the sound is outragously great. Hope you enjoy this game!

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Age of Empires III Icon
It was great
by Marley Rutkowski, USA - Dec 10th 2006

I raly like Age Of Empires 3. It has really good grafics. but it seems to crash every time I change the volume of my computer while whatching a video clip. It really makes me mad!!! I have had to do two levels over allready. besides this I love the game.

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Jack's Crazy Cong Icon
Jack's Crazy Cong should no longer be sold
by Eve Glover, USA - Dec 10th 2006

Please don't waste your money on this game. There is NO point to the game other than endless frustration. I wrote to the manufacturer 3 times about problem after problem but they never wrote back to me. You will not be able to get through even half of the levels - it is absolutely impossible and a complete waste of time.

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Age of Empires III Icon
Smooth as glass
by Matt Ryburn, USA - Dec 10th 2006

The title says it all, I'm using an Intel Macbook and Age of Empires III runs smooth as glass, no matter what you throw at it in-game (graphics all cranked up to the max, huge armies all shooting at each other simultaneously, it handles it all perfectly smooth). The game itself is already Ensemble's masterwork to date, and for anyone who's a fan of the RTS genre or even want a good RTS to start off on, this is a must-buy.

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Championship Manager 2006 Icon
Being a football manager is wonderful job - if you got the nerves
by Thorsten Hahnel, USA - Dec 4th 2006

CM2006 is the second attempt (and first on the Mac) of Beautiful Games Studio to revive the successfull managment series which saw a cut when Sports Interactive parted with Eidos to publish their game under a new label ("Football Manager") together with Sega.

CM2006 is different from Football Manager 2006 or 2007 (both also available for Macintosh) as it has a different approach how to present information, action on the pitch and the controls which it gives in your hands to take control of your team.

The features seem less than in FM but this doesnt mean it is less fun. Actually I have the feeling that I can control all important aspects of my team better with CM than with FM. Less is sometimes more. The tools you have are enough to get the feeling it is your decisions which create sucess, fame or fate.

The match day presentation is okay, with different angels to view the action but it is kind of monotone. You hardly see great games rather than a sequence of moves, passes and shots which sometimes happen to lead to a goal. But it still is very exciting and I never got the feeling the Macintosh is cheating on me. It is not prime time quality yet, but fair enough.

The interface is being critisized as being old-fashioned, not polished. I found that all information is presented in an easy to understand manner and ergonomics are better than in FM. I dont mind the "retro" look of the skins. It works for me.

One little "flaw" is the performance. I have hard times on my G4 ibook to proceed quickly through the season. Number crunching in the background makes me waiting a lot for the next match day. You still can do things around your team but sometimes everything is set and ready but you are still waiting for the computer to be ready to move on. My workaround: I run CM2006 in a window while surfing or working and let the ibook work on my inputs. After 3 weeks of downloading the game I am still in my first season (6 matches to go) and I spent quite some time on my team. But the designers of CM are not responsible for the hardware I own; a managment game with this scope has to calculate a lot, but Minimum system requirements, which I exceed by a good number, dont match the reality at all.

If you love managment games with soccer being the topic, oyu have 2 good choices: CM or FM. Go for the demos and compare yourself.

I am pleased with CM2006.

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Very Stylish
by Graham Carden, USA - Dec 4th 2006

This game is often overlooked, but is a really fun shooter for the Mac!

The plot follows a French graphic novel with a story similar to "Bourne Identity." The gameplay varies from stealth to "Rambo" style fighting.

However, what makes this game fun to play is that it's been made like a comic! Panels appear when you kill your enemies, people have talk balloons when they speak, etc. The special "cel-shaded" graphics also contribute to the overall comic-book feel.

The multiplayer is weak (no one ever plays), but single-player mode is lots of fun. Reccomended.

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