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Beat Cop Icon
Classic style 80s tv show point and click adventure
by Ishee, Germany - Apr 27th 2017

A wonderful game with brilliant adult humour, a novel execution, and a difficulty level that's not too challenging because the game focuses on the fun and storytelling rather than the challenge. It's one of those games where instead of striving to achieve goals, it feels more like the game is leading you on a merry tour of ribald hilarity, dirty dealings and shenanigans.

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A compelling, smart and legitimately scary experience
by Ishee, Germany - Apr 26th 2017

STASIS is a science fiction horror themed isometric point and click adventure game which takes place aboard the Groomlake, a deep space research vessel that belongs to Cayne Corporation. The game has a very gloomy and dark atmosphere to it and it seems to be inspired by various popular sci-fi horror games and movies such as Alien and Dead Space.

The main gameplay element of STASIS, as with any other point and click adventure type of games, is of course, puzzle solving. I can't remember exactly how many puzzles are in the game but most of them are solvable by finding out certain items and combining them or using them on some background object or something on the environment around you in some way and surprisingly enough, even though I got stuck on some of these sections, afterwards I felt like it all made sense in a way and it wasn't just some way to stall the player progress. Besides this, you'll also come across some some other puzzles that involve some actual investigation and sometimes I even had to take notes so I couldn't forget certain things. That said, STASIS puzzles are not just there for the sake of solving puzzles, they fit in the world and the story and they have a purpose.

Overall STASIS is a great point and click adventure game, it's very atmospheric, immersive and the puzzles are challenging. It offers around 10 hours worth of gameplay along with an amazing sountrack by Mark Morgan and by the end of it you might be facing some moral dilemmas.

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1954 Alcatraz Icon
A solid and decent point & click game in a noir setting
by Ishee, Germany - Oct 30th 2016

It isn't very challenging and offers a solid story, which is immersive and entertaining. The game seems more focused on story rather than puzzles and challenge. Interesting and enjoyable, I recommend giving it a go however i'd advise getting it when it is on sale.

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Among the Sleep Icon
Incredibly atmospheric and imaginative
by Ishee, Germany - Oct 30th 2016

Among the Sleep is a horror game where you play as a 2 year old. Without spoilers, the game takes a look into the bad situations a small child could get into, through the child's eyes. The atmosphere is absolutely amazing and the story was quite enjoyable. The only downside is the quite short playtime for one playthrough without much replay value.

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realMyst: Masterpiece Edition Icon
A beautiful recreation of a timeless classic
by Ishee, Germany - Oct 30th 2016

RealMyst: Masterpiece Edition brings a piece of gaming history to modern times. While the graphics and sounds are completely revamped to match modern-day standards, the gameplay stays true to its original and does not fail to deliver the nostalgic Myst-feeling. If you are a fan of the Myst series to begin with, this is almost a must-have, but any other adventure fan might take a look at this as well, to get a chance to enjoy a game that wrote history in a new and stunning visual design.

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The Night of the Rabbit Icon
Solid point and click experience
by Ishee, Germany - Oct 30th 2016

The Night of the Rabbit has a great story, beautiful music, hand drawn art and clever puzzles, creating a very enjoyable gaming experience. The puzzles may be confusing sometimes and need a certain amount of brain to solve but if you like to combine a snail with an envelope you will have no real problme but instead lots of fun.

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Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Icon
Satisfying shoot 'em up
by Ishee, Germany - Oct 23rd 2016

Amazing game, you will love it if you are a fan of twin stick shooters and the previous installments of the series. It has that arcade feel that keeps you wanting to play just one more round. The music and sound that goes along with the game also makes for an immersive experience. It has mouse and keyboard support but is best played with a controller i think.

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Avernum 2: Crystal Souls Icon
Epic fantasy adventure with over 50 hours of gameplay
by Ishee, Germany - Oct 23rd 2016

Excellent old-school RPG with tactical turn based combat. As the case with other Spiderweb Software games, it's slightly difficult to recommend though. The game delivers in terms of great world to explore, character development and interesting story as well. However, for people used to current generation of RPGs with full voice-over, character personality, choices, it may be difficult to get into this. It is really closer to Baldur's Gate/Icewind Dale type of experience. Coupled with the isometric 2D graphics entire dialogue and quest content is delivered through huge amount of text.

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Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 Icon
More a education game than a simulation game
by Ishee, Germany - Oct 23rd 2016

In this game, you are tasked with fixing a stream of cars with various problems. At the start of each level, you receive a clipboard with a check list of objectives. Change the brake pads. Check the exhaust. You're also given a note from the customer trying to give more details about what's wrong with the car. Your job is to fix the car, stamp the form, and send your customer on their way.
There's a lot in there for the price, but there's only so much you can fix in a car, and with 75 levels in the main game, along with an "endless mode", things become repetitive fairly quickly.

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Tormentum - Dark Sorrow Icon
Beautiful point and click adventure
by Ishee, Germany - Oct 23rd 2016

Tormentum - Dark Sorrow is a dark point and click game with a very interesting story. What attracted me first to the game was the stunning, dark art style inspired by works of the painters H.R. Giger and Zdzislaw Beksinski. The puzzles aren't too difficult, are straightforward and make sense. Playtime is kinda short, but it is a very satisfying experience

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Cities: Skylines Deluxe Edition Icon
Best current city builder available
by Ishee, Germany - Aug 27th 2016

If you are into the city building genre, this is the game you are looking for. After the latest sim city fail this indie gem had to step up and show the world how it is done. The gameplay is quite addictive and with the support of the steam workshop the possibilities are endless

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Scandinavia Icon
by Ishee, Germany - Nov 29th 2015

The best expansion Pack for euro truck simulator 2 yet, the detail the SCS guys put in for this DLC is unbeliveable. You can really tell they did some extensive research of the different places, because some of the areas in this game are more or less exactly how they look like in real life!

If you liked the base game, you will love this expansion!

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Broforce Icon
by Ishee, Germany - Nov 28th 2015

Broforce plays like Contra on steroids! It is a 2D Run and Gun game where you are tasked with bringing freedom to the entire world. At least that is what they claim we are doing, as we blow enemy hideouts to smithereens and fly off into the sunset. Controls are tight and feel just right. The game has tons of unlockable characters, each with unique abilities; all based on iconic action heroes. The ability to play 4 players simultaneously, local or online, is just the icing on the cake.

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Rising World Icon
The better minecraft?
by Ishee, Germany - Nov 18th 2015

The game is a nice crafting/building game with some minor survival elements. It is definitely a nice change of pace from some of the KOS/Hack-filled survival games out there. Imho it is truly been a breath of fresh air for the genre and I have enjoyed playing it.

The game is still in early access but i can say that this is one of the better EA games i invested my money in. The developers are very commited to their project and you see alot of updates for the game and im quite excited for the all the potential there is in this game for future updates

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Shoppe Keep Icon
A lot of potential
by Ishee, Germany - Nov 4th 2015

This game is still early access (as of this writing), but already has enough content to keep you entertained, especially for this pricetag it is a bargain. The concept of the game is to run a shop to earn tons of money, then spend that money to upgrade your shop. I personally love the idea of walking around my own shop, watching people come in to buy things, and being able to place my items wherever I want.
The game isn't too complex as of yet, but the dev. seems to have grand ideas and I look forward to seeing them implemented.

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Jagged Alliance: Flashback Icon
Sadly the developer didn't deliver
by Ishee, Germany - Jul 23rd 2015

As the development of this title came to an end, not too long after the game's release, I cannot seriously recommend this game to anyone, not even hardcore JA fans or enthusiasts of the genre. Because we are now stuck with a half-finished game lacking alot of features, you are better off playing the original one with 1.13 patch.

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