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They Keep Getting Better!
by Sarah Powell, Canada - May 14th 2008

Finally - music that doesn't annoy, and is totally appropriate for the story line. They've designed this game well, obviously using BBC's Poirot as played by Suchet. The immersion into the murder-mystery story is pretty good. One of the strongest things they did to improve this game over earlier games was to add interesting mini-games that didn't feel "easy" or "silly," but rather felt like they contributed to the story line. A good game!

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Best seek and find game I ever played!
by RichardIII, Canada - May 14th 2008

This is a really, really well done seek and find game. It is a good example of how they could all be done. It has elements of a board game, an adventure game, a puzzle game and a seek and find game. It has a story that you follow and clues you must figure out how to use. Graphics are excellent, sound is excellent, it's all good. Enjoy!

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Effectively unplayable on a G5 2x2.5GHz PowerMac
by John Michael Croft, USA - May 11th 2008

The game runs, but not is not playable on a really fast G5 with 4GB ram.

All the graphical transitions take minutes. I finally gave up and exited after 10 minutes (50 minutes remaining in the demo) and I still hadn't actually gotten through the intro BS to actual gameplay. Note that the gameplay portion of the the review refers to the fact that the game could not be accessed for more than 10 minutes from launch.

Developers need to either test on PPC or not provide universal binaries. This will not be a satisfactory gaming experience for anyone who isn't running intel hardware.

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System requirements - needs Intel processor
by Chris Upton, England - May 11th 2008

I tried the demo on my iMac G5 2GHz with 2GB RAM and it's like playing in slow motion. Everything seems to work but incredibly slowly which makes the game un-playable.

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The Best Agatha Christie Game
by KATHY KEELER, Canada - May 10th 2008

I have played 3 of the Agatha Christie games and this is without a doubt the best one. Having said that it is important to realize it is a seek & find game where the others aren't. The most appealing part of the game is between each hide & seek chapter. There are clue cards and you must eliminate or pick out suspects. As expected it is easier at the beginnng than towards the end. There is an actual story which is rare for the seek games. I wish the other Christie games had been as good!

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great spin on hide & seek games
by KATHY KEELER, Canada - May 10th 2008

This a quirky funny game based on the scruff cartoons. It is original from many games of the same genre and that is what makes it appealing. It is equally entertaining to both adults and older children. The mini games scribbles appears very easy but it is harder than you think to get perfect. After each chapter you find a clue in a picture. I am sure there will be a sequel.

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nice game, very fun to play
by freddie Spackman, England - May 8th 2008

it is a very good game it may not have as good graphics as age of empires 3. but i think it is a lot to play, and the campaign is great and, it is a game you can really get into.

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Need more complete system requirements
by Rick Klaus, USA - May 7th 2008

I downloaded this game and tried to play it on my Powerbook G4, 1.67GHz running Leopard and it will not work. It runs fine on my daughter's intel MacBook. Most site indicate that 10.5 is the only system requirement, but I have seen at least one that say a G5 is also required, so maybe that is the problem. I emailed the developers twice to get a clarification and got no response. Overall the game is really fun and we get a kick out of playing it - when our daughter is visiting from college and we can borrow her laptop.

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Great game!
by Sam Stubbs, USA - May 7th 2008

Anyone who likes role-playing games should love this! It has a really detailed character editor, that I really enjoyed. I really thought that this game was great. There was one glitch in my party's AI at one point. Overall a really great game, Very fun.

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Liked it a lot
by Caperica, USA - May 5th 2008

I wish they had more to it,

It ended far to quickly and I wished you could do more with the lab. You had to stay within the confines of the game. I liked it so much I wanted a 3rd version. Like the guy above, After winning, there is no challenge to go back and play again, as you know all the answers and the challenge is gone. The adventure story games like this are great fun without putting too much time into it. You can come back to the story without having to learn a lot of hard stuff just to have a relaxing time.

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Waste of Money
by Alison Faiella, USA - May 2nd 2008

I thought this was a great idea for someone that likes to play games like Build-A-Lot, etc. but I was wrong. You don't move up levels, so basically all you can sell are trailer's, you are never able to sell the higher priced homes, and at some point the game just arbitrarily stops and says "You have come in 2nd" or "You have won". Apparently there is a time limit, but I wouldn't know what that limit is, and it definitely isn't long enough to allow someone to build up the capital to move out of the trailer park homes.

I also had a lot of problems with installing and playing this game. I couldn't select any of the menu's for it, such as "File", and I had problems opening it.

Generally I feel that this game was a waste of money.

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Enjoyable...a little on the short side
by KATHY KEELER, Canada - May 2nd 2008

I quite enjoyed this game, in fact have already playe mysteryville 2. I found the graphics good quality and the characters fit in with the story very well. There are a good mix of mini puzzles to go along.The story fits together quite well for a (hide&seek) It is not the hardest puzzle out there and a little on the short side but I enjoyed it just the same. I bought one and two and will buy the 3rd. There is no relaxed mode but you don't really need one. Just a nice story all in all!

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A few bugs here and there, but overall an addictive and fun game!
by EddieN, Brazil - May 2nd 2008

This is not like Guitar Hero or Rock Band... This is more of a sim game, in which you manage to form your own band and practice, while performing in gigs.

It's all about management - you get money overtime, but depending on how you spend it, you may be either successful or bankrupt. You need to find instrumentalists that appeal your interest. Each have their "special" feature that may include discounts while buying instruments and being egoist and destructive, which may cause you some trouble. Overtime, they'll start demanding better instruments, a manager, a publicist and even a limo to get to the shows. Mean-whilst, you gotta get inspired to make your songs, and both improve them and retire after they start to get boring.

Practicing your instrument and composing music are mini-games that may either entertain or frustrate you.

Every action - hiring, buying, playing, practicing, going to a show and even resting - takes a whole day. So this is like a turn based simulation game. Be sure you don't miss the gigs in your agenda, and let your crew rest a bit when stressed.

Graphics wise, this game is simple but effective. Nothing spectacular. Sound could be better, if it wasn't for that same song playing over and over again...

As of the bugs, this game has plenty. Sometimes it would crash after clicking a button here and there. Sometimes, during saving/loading process, the game would not display some events correctly and even get you back a few steps on your current skills.

Still, the game is addictive and entertaining for long a time.

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by KATHY KEELER, Canada - May 1st 2008

I don't usually go in for these types of games (match 3) but tried it out of boredom. I can't tell you how many hours I spent finishing it. It totally grabbed me and I had to finish it. Give it a try! I have tried other match 3 games since and found this one to be by far the best!

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