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by Brian Barnes, South Africa - Mar 11th 2007

I bought this game for my old PC Laptop, I never got any work done, its so addictive I've bought it for my we go again...

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w00t! JNG rocks!
by Matthew Legler, USA - Mar 9th 2007

Finally, the expansion for the Jets 'N' Guns game has arrived. With better grahpics at a higher resolution, carnage never looked so good. New ships and weapons, and 21 new levels mean more awesome-ness!

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Not worth the $25
by Allen Kaganovsky, Canada - Mar 4th 2007

This game is nothing special really...

Plus, if you do buy this, and you pop in the CD and theres no Mac folder.. You have to download the Demo from DD poker website and enter the activiation code from your bought game to unlock the demo version.

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by Judith Junkroski, USA - Feb 20th 2007

This game is clever, beautifully done..One of the most unique games I've had the honor of seeing or playing...Don't hesitate in buying this one,its' a keeper!...Of special interest is the choice of a timed game or a more leisurely paced game...The "side" puzzles are a lot of fun and certainly an added bonus..I hope that there are many more Travelogue Games for the Mac fans!...Thank-you so much

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Incredible sequel to the Luxor series!
by Michele Balistreri, Italy - Feb 18th 2007

I must say i'm addicted to luxor and bought already Luxor, Luxor Amun Rising and now Luxor 2. The game is simple yet very challenging and addicting. The graphics are pretty good but unfortunately MacBooks native resolution is not listed. The music really creates a nice atmosphere and overall the game is lot of fun. My only major complaint is that there are not many maps, after a stage 4 only the last map of the stage changes (i'm at stage 8 right now). Bonus levels are a great news and are needed to calm down a bit after the game becomes hard.

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The best so far...
by Dr Hilary Rhodes, Australia - Feb 11th 2007

This is the latest of the Mystery Case files series. In my opinion, it is the best so far. What I do like about this one is that it is a more cohesive game in both storyline and graphics.

I like the way that unlike the others in the series, it has a narrative, rather than a set of disjointed characters. The story and puzzles were in keeping with the cluttered rooms and outside areas in the haunted mansion.

The portrayal of the characters was certainly more in keeping with the whole atmosphere, unlike the earlier series characters, though funny, and well depicted, did not fit in with the general theme of the rooms and the turgid, creepy old discarded objects within them.

Thankfully, the peep hole view used for certain scenes in Prime Suspects was not used as a puzzle device. I liked the mini puzzles which opened the various doors. Nicely programmed, humourous, yet keeping with the eccentric spirit of the game. What was pleasing was the option to bypass the puzzle if needed as well as the ability to play the game untimed.

The audio was appriopriate, subtle and as well as being unobtrusive, giving a little bit more of a creepy atmosphere to the dark scenes.

Looking forwrd to the next...and the next.... installments.

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help, can't stop...
by Karen Hew, Malaysia - Feb 11th 2007

i now need glasses! LoL.
A nice, simple game.
Love the concept.

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Not as advertised
by Schuyler Reidel, USA - Jan 25th 2007

Be careful and read the info. 90 *potentially* player controlled nations. You start off with only about 9 and are expected to aquire the other nations. But you cannot start another game with those nations you aquire. Graphics are horrible, like a windows 95 era game. Advice: save your money!

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by Gary Montcalm, USA - Jan 25th 2007

This game is a front-scroller on rails, la Crash Bandicoot. The character follows a curved path, rather than a straight one, which might be perceived as side-scrolling, but it's not. I find the gameplay to be just about right for this type of gamelots of jumping and smashing, spinning and rollng. It's a kid's game!

The graphics look really nice on a G5 Dualcore with the GEForce 6600. The company was very responsive to users' outcry for gamepad support, publishing a new patch only a couple weeks after the first demo was out. I do have to agree with MasterK on one point, however: Armado's "reflexes" are really slow, on a very speedy Mac. It sometimes takes 7 or 8 "spinning jumps" to kill a red ant, and there are times when it's just about impossible to dodge the boulders. I don't know if it's sloppy coding or what, but I never have such problems getting my character to react in Doom 3...Overall, a real good game for Mac kids, something we could use a lot more of!

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